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Cyber attacks
Insurance assessment

Cyber insurance offers help if you are the victim of cybercrime. There are various forms of cybercrime, such as viruses (malware), phising and ransomware. More and more companies are recognising the dangers of cybercrime. Due to the large increase in digital traffic, the danger of cybercrime will remain present in the coming years, even for private individuals. Is it possible to take out cyber insurance as a private individual?

Cyber insurance for private individuals

Cybercrime is currently a very rapidly growing form of crime. Everyone is affected by this technological progress. Of course, this development does not only have advantages. It is important that you anticipate this. Becoming the victim of cybercriminals causes a lot of stress.

Just like for companies, it is also possible for private individuals to take out cyber insurance. A so-called CyberCare Policy. The cover includes all family members living at home. Children under the age of 27 who live abroad are also insured. When you take out private cyber insurance, there is only cover for damage that you suffer as a private individual.

Which forms of cybercrime are covered?

There are various forms of cybercrime. Criminals can 'break in' to your computer or telephone in various ways. Below are a number of different forms of cybercrime with a brief explanation.

Identity fraud

Identity fraud is the misuse of your identity. This occurs with both companies and individuals. It may be that these false identities are used to order products or services.

Cyber extortion

Cyber extortion may involve encrypting your files and making them inaccessible to you. To regain access to your files and prevent them from being made public, you may be forced to pay money.

Violation of privacy

This concerns the loss, theft or damage of personal data belonging to you or someone else that is stored on your computer.

Loss of money on account

This includes the 'loss' of money through phishing, malware or hacking. It also includes the fraudulent use of your bank card or credit card in the form of a purchase or cash withdrawal.

Reputation damage

This is when your good name is deliberately tarnished as a result of negative messages, insults or privacy-sensitive data posted online. To hide these negative statements, or if possible, to remove them from online search engines, you can take out cyber insurance.


Calculate the premium for your cyber insurance directly

If you are faced with any of the above online incidents, you can count on fast and targeted assistance. You will immediately be assisted by experienced security specialists who know exactly what to do in such a situation.

Features Cyber Insurance Private

  •  Own risk € 125.00 per event
  •  World coverage
  •  € 50,000 insured per event
  •  Max € 100,000 per year

What is insured?

  • Assistance (24/7)
  • Computer help
  • Investigation costs into the cause and extent of the incident
  • Assistance with identity fraud
  • Help with removing negative online messages and restoring reputation
  • Reimbursement of costs in cases of identity fraud and breach of privacy (including costs of defence)
  • Compensation for loss of money on account

What is not insured (exclusions)?

There are a number of items excluded from coverage by default in cyber insurance for both businesses and individuals, such as:

  • Intentionally causing damage
  • When committing fraud
  • If the damage is caused by data you have obtained illegally
  • Damage caused by war, looting and governmental action

In addition, the following items are not insured with cyber insurance:

  • Damage that occurred prior to the effective date
  • Damage incurred where a co-insured is a suspect, the perpetrator or co-perpetrator.
  • Damage caused by the lack of appropriate security measures.

In many cases with cyber insurance you have an excess. The excess is the part of the damage that you have to pay yourself every time you have damage. You can find out how high this excess is in the policy conditions.



It is possible to take out cyber insurance for individuals at Alpina. You can make a calculation directly below.

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Calculate the premium of your cyber insurance directly!

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