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Temporary car insurance

Temporary WA car insurance for 1 or 15 days.

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1 or 15 days coverage

Temporary car insurance is valid for 1 or 15 days.

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What does temporary car insurance entail?

Do you want to insure a car temporarily, but your insurance company does not know about temporary car insurance? Through Alpina, you can get temporary car insurance that covers the vehicle for 15 days on a Third Party Liability (TPL) basis.

Valid for 1 or 15 days

Temporary car insurance is valid for 1 or 15 days. When you have to go to the RDW inspection, you can take out the 1-day insurance. If you are going to export the vehicle, you can choose the 15-day coverage. In these 15 days you can drive the car carefree throughout Europe. After 15 days, the coverage automatically expires.

Europe as the coverage area

With the 1-day insurance you only have coverage in the Netherlands during the drive from your home to the RDW and back for the day of the inspection. With the 15-day temporary insurance, you have coverage throughout Europe.

Third-party liability (WA)

The insurance only provides coverage for damage to other vehicles (legal liability, third-party damage). It does not cover damage to your own vehicle.

For private individuals only

This insurance is only available to individuals. So for business purposes, you cannot take out temporary car insurance.

Frequently asked questions about temporary car insurance

How can I cancel a temporary car insurance?

The insurance can be cancelled up to the effective date of the cover, provided it is on a working day and before 17:00. If the policyholder is or has been covered, the green card cannot be cancelled via the right of cancellation.

Is temporary car insurance also available for other vehicles?

The temporary insurance is not only for passenger cars but also for vans, trucks and motorhomes.

What should I do in case of damage?

With temporary insurance, when you have caused a damage with the vehicle, you and the other party must fill out a claim form. Normally, a claim form consists of two pieces. You give the so-called print-through to the other party.

On your part you also need to fill in the back. You can then send the claim form to:

PO Box 63

3400 AB IJsselstein

T: 030-6883700

Can the temporary car insurance be renewed?

The 15-day temporary car insurance cannot be renewed. If the vehicle has a foreign license plate, then you must purchase insurance in the country for which the license plate was issued.

Can the third-party cover be extended?

It is not possible to extend the WA coverage. The temporary insurance gives an exclusive 15-day WA coverage. There is no coverage for damage to the own car.

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