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Advisors Geertje and Sandra stood in front of the class

Mar. 19, 2024
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During Money Week, Geertje and Sandra were in front of the classroom. They gave the students from group 7 and 8 of elementary school 't Kempke guest lessons to make them wiser about money. The children learned, among other things, how to handle money wisely and how to stay on top of Internet criminals. The guest lectures were part of Money Week, a national week to prepare children and young people for their financial independence in the future.

Geertje behind the counter

Learning to manage money

"It is important that children and young people become 'money-wise.' Children who learn to handle money at an early age are less likely to have financial problems later on and are more resilient against money criminals. That's why financial education is incredibly important. But also complicated. With our guest lesson we want to do our part."

Geertje van Damme
Banking Advisor at Independent Advisor of RegioBank Alpina Roerdalen

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Tip for home

Perhaps an open door, yet due to the daily delusion it is often forgotten: talk to your child(ren) about money. Take a situation that is currently going on in your family and have a conversation about it. Topics that might live are pocket money, something your child would like to have (but needs to save for) or so-called in game advertisements that your child comes into contact with while playing an online game.


Do you have questions about the guest lessons or banking for yourself or your child? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

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