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Teens overconfident safe payment
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RegioBank survey: teens overconfident about secure payments and online payment fraud

Sep 13, 2023
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82% of young people from Limburg say they know what to look for to pay safely. But they don't always recognize WhatsApp fraud and what a money mule is is a mystery. 22% also don't talk to parents about the different ways to pay that are available. This and more is according to research on the payment behavior of high school students commissioned by RegioBank among 1,614 teenagers between the ages of 11 and 17.

Pay safely

82% of surveyed teenagers from Limburg say they know well what to look out for in order to pay safely. 32% do not recognize WhatsApp fraud and 70% do not know what a money mule is, while more and more people are becoming victims of this form of fraud. Almost a third (18%) say they never or sometimes shield their PIN and 11% do not keep their PIN secret.

With the use of payment instruments, there is also a responsibility to handle them safely. Especially with digital means of payment, there are many ways cybercriminals can victimize. More than two-thirds (68 percent) of all Dutch people aged 15 years or older say they have received a phone call, e-mail or other message at least once in a year. Probably from a scammer (Source: CBS).

Teens overconfident safe payment discussion

Quarter of teens from Limburg don't talk to parents about money matters

"Young people should recognize the various risks posed by payment requests, debit card payments and other payment methods. Now that schools have started again, young people will be making more payments and refunds. A good time to have a conversation with your teen about this. For example, do they shield their PIN when paying and how do they recognize a real payment request?" says Geertje van Damme, Banking Advisor of Alpina Roerdalen, Independent Advisor of RegioBank in Sint Odiliënberg.

Top 5 payment methods accessed in Limburg

  • Cash (98%)
  • Debit card (89%)
  • Payment request (57%)
  • Bank's mobile app (48%
  • App/wallet on smartphone (21%)
Geertje van Damme

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Geertje van Damme
Banking advisor at Alpina Roerdalen

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