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Alpina's Health Care Comparator: choose smart, insure wisely

Dec 07, 2023
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The end of the year is upon us: the time to look out for a new health insurance policy. Whether it's changing healthcare needs, updated policy conditions or the desire to get better insurance. In this blog, we offer a clear roadmap and useful information in making the right choice.

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New policy for 2024, what should I think about?

In November, you received the health care policy for the new year from your current health insurer. It is important to review and check it carefully. Both changes in your healthcare needs and adjustments in the insurer's policy conditions, as well as the premium, can be reasons to consider switching.

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Changing or adjusting health insurance

If necessary, you can decide to adjust your current health care policy or switch to another health insurer. Switching can be arranged either online or by phone. If you switch by December 31 at the latest, insurers will use the switching service and your old insurance will be cancelled automatically. If you cancel your health care policy before December 31, you have until February 1 to take out a new health care policy.

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Roadmap for choosing health insurance

1. Determine what care you expect to need
The basic package covers standard care, but if you expect additional care, consider supplemental insurance.

2. Consider whether you want to increase your deductible.
Increasing the deductible can lead to a lower monthly premium. Should you still incur health care expenses, the deductible amount is of course for your own account.

3. Choose the type of health insurance
Natura policy: you choose from health care providers with whom your insurer has contracts.

4. Combination policy: you choose your own healthcare provider, the insurer reimburses the costs: for some healthcare costs, the reimbursement for non-contracted care may be lower.

5. Restitution policy: you choose your own healthcare provider, and the insurer reimburses the costs: forsome healthcare costs, the reimbursement for non-contracted care may be lower.

6. Check policy conditions of your current health insurer
Health insurers may change policy conditions annually: check for changes.

Compare health insurance policies

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Adjusting or switching? Do it on time

Purchase a new health insurance policy by December 31 for automatic cancellation of your old policy.

Good to know when switching:

  • For treatments during the switch, the health care provider will send the bill to your old insurer.
  • Some treatments from the basic package require prior approval from your health insurance company.
  • Insurers, in most cases, do not apply medical selection for supplemental policies.

Switching to health insurance 2024

You can switch until December 31. Make your choice in time so there is room to cancel your old health insurance. Use the Alpina Health Care Comparer to make the most appropriate choice for your situation. For more information and personal advice, direct contact with Alpina's specialized care advisors is very easy: call our care advice line 088-1210251.

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