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maximum age auto insurance

Is there a maximum age limit for car insurance?

Oct 03, 2018
3 min reading time

Age plays a big role in car insurance. Young car owners pay more for insurance, but so may older people. There are even insurers who refuse older car owners for car insurance. Is that allowed just like that?

Policyholders with a higher risk of claims pay more for auto insurance. For example, insurers make the premium depend in part on your zip code, claims history and age. Motorists aged 75 and older are statistically more likely to cause a claim. Can an insurer refuse you because of your age?

Older people have more limited freedom of choice

Insurers are not going to cancel car insurance when you reach a certain age. What does happen frequently is that insurers will not provide new car insurance if you are, say, 75 or 85 years old. This is not a form of discrimination because they can substantiate that statistically there is a greater chance of claims. So it is permissible to have a maximum age.

From what age does buying car insurance become more difficult?

The policy on this varies widely among insurers. There are insurers that do not have an age limit. Many insurers that do have an age limit have 70 to 80 as the maximum age. Fortunately, this does not have to be a problem. There are several insurers left to choose between.

Insurers may also charge senior citizens a higher premium

Getting car insurance does remain a matter of comparison. Insurers may refuse older car owners, or they may charge a high premium. If you choose a random insurer, you may have the misfortune of being way overpriced. So always be critical when selecting insurance. Paying too much only benefits the insurer.

Is it wise to switch at an older age?

Certainly don't be put off by age limits of insurers. You cancel the current insurance only after you have been accepted by the new insurer. There is no risk in doing so. Once you are insured with the new insurer, they will not throw you out because of age. So there is no risk in switching to another car insurance.

Comparing is simple

Comparing and taking out an auto policy may sound complicated, but it's just not. In our comparator, you enter your license plate number and answer a few more questions that you don't have to look up. These include, for example, your zip code and date of birth. You are also asked for the number of claim-free years. You can find these on the car insurance policy. After going through all the steps, you get the comparison in view. You choose the most suitable insurance and the switch is done.

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