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Choosing vintage car insurance?

Apr 09, 2018
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To buy a vintage car, you choose vintage car insurance, but not always this is going to work. The car does have to be considered a vintage car according to the insurers, and there may be restrictions on the number of miles you can drive the car. In any case, do go for vintage car insurance. This is because it is considerably cheaper compared to regular car insurance.

A vintage car is a motor vehicle that is no longer manufactured and is at least 25 years old. They are usually cars, but can also be motorcycles, for example. Because vintage cars are often used less intensively, you can insure these vehicles more cheaply with vintage car insurance. Insurers often also make this insurance available for cars that do not exactly meet the description of a vintage car. For example, they want to insure vintage cars as young as 15 or 20 years old, but the rules and conditions vary from one insurer to another.

Why choose vintage car insurance?

Insurers know that owners of vintage cars often take great care of their possessions. They drive them more carefully and often only in good weather. This reduces the chance of damage. You can have the vehicle appraised for vintage car insurance. The appraised value will then be used by the insurer in case of damage. With regular car insurance, the daily value is assumed. This is not desirable for an expensive vintage car. The premium for vintage car insurance is much lower compared to standard car or motorcycle insurance.

When does the insurer accept vintage car insurance?

The terms may vary from one insurer to another, but there is a common thread in the requirements set by insurers. These include, for example, the following requirements:

  • The vintage car must be a second car. This is because the oldtimer is not intended to be used for commuting. That is also not what the premium of the oldtimer insurance is designed for;
  • Only a limited number of kilometers per year may be driven with the vintage car. It is often between 5,000 and 7,500 kilometers per year;
  • For example, the vehicle must be older than 20 years;
  • For WA + full hull vintage car insurance, the value must be officially appraised. An appraisal report must also be issued;
  • Insurers determine which car makes and types they allow for vintage car insurance.

How can you know if a vehicle meets insurers' requirements? That's tricky, but there is a solution. At you can apply for insurance. We take care of comparing the various insurers. In case you do not meet the requirements, we look for the cheapest regular car insurance.

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