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What is compensated for damage caused by frost?

Feb 04, 2019
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What about insurance when you suffer damage to your home due to frost? What is insured and how do you prevent frost damage?

Basically, building insurance insures damage to your home and associated real estate, such as a shed or fence belonging to the house. What about frost damage?

In winter, it is common for pipes to freeze. A burst pipe can cause a lot of water damage. The pipes freeze because the water expands when it freezes. You do not notice this damage until the pipes thaw. By insulating the pipes or by turning up the heat in the house (even when you are not at home), you can prevent the pipes from freezing. For sheds with a water connection, if the pipes are not vented or shut off, pipes can also freeze to pieces.

Preventing frost damage

Frost damage is something you would naturally prefer to prevent. By following the tips below, you will be prepared and ensure that damage is limited.

  • When you go away from home in the winter, leave the heating at about 15 degrees and do not turn the heater down. This will prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • If you have an outdoor faucet, drain the water line and turn off the faucet. This will prevent this pipe from freezing.
  • Do you have a room in your home that is not well insulated, such as a utility room or attic? These rooms will get cold quickly if you turn down the thermostat in the living room. Leave the thermostat a little higher. This will prevent these rooms from getting cold quickly or even freezing.

What is reimbursed?

Despite these tips, you may still discover damage to your home after a period of frost. Damage to your house and things attached to the house are covered by home insurance. The exact coverage differs per insurer, so always read the policy conditions carefully. That way you will know what you are insured for and what will be reimbursed.

Do you have frost damage to items in your garden, for example? This can be covered by your home insurance. If damage is caused by overdue maintenance, the damage is often not compensated. Please read the policy conditions carefully to be sure which damages you can and cannot claim.

Report frost damage

It is wise to contact your insurer as soon as possible, after the frost damage is discovered. It is important that you do not start repairing the damage yourself or throwing things away before an expert has visited to assess the frost damage.

It is very important to check carefully in advance exactly what you are insured for and change this if necessary. This way you know exactly what you are and are not insured for and you will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises afterwards.

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