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What should I do in case of window damage in my home?

A broken window is very annoying: it does make it very easy for burglars to enter your home and it can also get very cold in the house. But unfortunately an accident can happen at any time, so a broken window can happen to you. That's why it's good to know how this works on the insurance front.

Is it possible to insure the windows of my house?

Glass is not standardly insured with most insurers. However, it is often possible to include damage to windows as additional coverage or as an extension of the building insurance.

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Is all the glass in the house insured with glass insurance?

Most policy conditions state that there is only cover for glass that is intended to let daylight in, such as a window or a door. There is no cover for a broken aquarium or a broken mirror.

Take into account separate types of windows, such as stained glass. Whether this is covered under the glass insurance policy varies from one insurer to another. This is stated in the policy conditions.

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What about when I have a rental property?

In the lease, the landlord will state what he expects you to do in terms of insurance. In most cases, the landlord will include an amount in the rental price for insurance, but not always for glass as well. So check this carefully in your lease and take action if necessary.

What if I accidentally smash my neighbour's window?

Since you caused the damage, the neighbor can hold you liable for it. If you have liability insurance, you can claim for this damage.

What do I need to consider if I have glass insurance?

If your home becomes vacant (for example, because you are moving), it may no longer be covered under the glass insurance policy. In practice, windows of unoccupied houses are smashed and destroyed more quickly than those of occupied houses. In many cases, the insurer will want to limit the claim burden and exclude damage in an unoccupied home.

Are you going to remodel? Of course you need to be extra careful, but check the policy conditions of your insurance. Because the risk of damage during remodeling is greater, some insurers have excluded it from coverage in order to reduce the cost of claims.

Always notify the insurer of such changes in the living situation in a timely manner so that you are aware of the consequences.

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