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FOCWA vehicle damage

If you have ever looked for an auto body repair shop, you may have come across the name FOCWA. But what exactly is FOCWA? Besides the damage guarantee scheme, there is also the FOCWA. This also includes insurers and damage repair companies. FOCWA is an active trade organization for damage repair companies. They advise their members on social, legal, economic and technical issues. In addition, together with industry organization BOVAG, they have introduced a quality mark for car damage repair, the Branchenormering Schadeherstel.

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FOCWA vehicle damage

What does FOCWA stand for?

FOCWA stands for Federation of Organisations in the Bodywork and Vehicle Construction Industry and Related Companies. FOCWA aims to help and stimulate its members to get the most out of their entrepreneurship. They do this by supporting them as much as possible in various areas, such as:

  • Technology and innovation
  • Education and training
  • Socio-economic affairs
  • Quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management
  • Individual business consulting and accompaniment
  • Communication and PR

FOCWA sees itself as a platform and knowledge centre where its members can go for any question.

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Does FOCWA have car damage companies?

There are more than 1100 companies affiliated with FOCWA. These companies are mainly engaged in damage repair of cars, caravans, motorbikes and commercial vehicles. In addition, they are engaged in building trailers and bodyworks. If you have car damage, you can have your car repaired by a repair company affiliated to FOCWA. A damage repairer receives FOCWA certification if he meets the organisation's quality requirements and keeps up to date with changes in the market. If you have your car repaired by a repair company affiliated with FOCWA, you can be sure that your car is in good hands.

FOCWA auto glass repair company reliable?

If you have your car repaired by a FOCWA damage repairer, you can be sure that the car will be repaired professionally. The damage repairers affiliated with FOCWA must comply with the quality requirements set by FOCWA. For companies that want to (continue to) operate as a FOCWA company, FOCWA has a clear selection policy with annual inspections.

What are the FOCWA terms and conditions?

FOCWA does set a number of conditions for companies that want to become members. For example, all members must comply with the FOCWA Standard. The FOCWA Standard is a quality standard that has been developed by FOCWA and has been coordinated with parties in the industry. The FOCWA Standard is tested by external parties and guarantees quality and craftsmanship. The FOCAWA Standard applies to all types of repair work. So you can be sure that your car will be repaired according to factory specifications or specifications of RCAR-affiliated research centres, always with original parts.

How does FOCWA damage control work?

Making use of the FOCWA damage scheme offers you many advantages. Here we briefly describe what happens if you have a damage and have it repaired according to the FOCWA regulation.

1. The garage makes a copy of your car documents(driving licence, registration certificate, green card) and receives the signed claim form.

2. You do not have to arrange anything with the insurer.

3. The garage also replaces the licence plate if necessary. If your number plate needs to be replaced, the necessary steps will be taken. This will then be sorted out automatically and in good time.

4. The garage draws up a damage plan. After a cursory examination of the damage, a repair plan is issued. This gives you an indication of when you can pick up your repaired car.

As an insured party, you do not have to wait for a precise estimate of the damage.

5. Take your personal belongings with you. Take your personal (valuable) belongings out of your car. This will avoid any misunderstanding about the possible loss of your personal belongings.

6. The garage takes delivery of everything and you are given the car keys (and your driving licence) and you can get on the road again with a replacement car.

7. You will be called when you can pick up your repaired car.

8. You come to the FOCWA Eurogarant company with the replacement car and hand in the replacement car with the car keys, fuelled up.

9. The garage delivers your car polished and everything is arranged with the insurance company. Your car is ready to go, repaired and polished.

10. You are going to try to pinpoint where the damage was.

You will not succeed. The damage is gone!

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