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Replacement transportation: is this covered by my insurance?

If you have damage to your car and are unable to continue driving, in some cases you are entitled to replacement transportation. Whether you are insured for replacement transportation depends on how you are insured. We explain it below.

How do I arrange for replacement transportation?

If your car is badly damaged and needs to be repaired, it can take a few days. You will lose your car for a few days. Very annoying if you are dependent on your car, for example to drive to work. In that case it is nice to have a replacement vehicle. Unfortunately, the garage does not always give you a loaner car, especially if it is for a longer period of time. It depends on your car insurance coverage whether you are entitled to replacement transportation.

If damaged by opposing party, am I entitled to compensation?

Was the damage caused by another motorist? Then in most cases you can recover the cost of replacement transportation from the other party's insurance company. Every motorist has at least third-party liability coverage. This means they are insured if they cause damage to others. The maximum reimbursement is generally 75% of the rental cost. The other 25% you have to pay yourself.

In the event of damage caused by my own fault, am I still entitled to replacement transportation?

For damage caused by your own fault, it depends on how you are insured. To get (part) reimbursement for replacement transportation, you need at least a WA + limited casco car insurance. The damage must fall under the coverage of a WA + limited casco. With only liability insurance, replacement transportation will not be reimbursed if the damage is your own fault.

What cover does replacement transport offer?

When buying car insurance, you have a choice of three different coverages: third-party coverage, third-party + limited collision coverage or All-risk coverage. Not every coverage offers replacement transportation.

Replacement transport with third-party insurance 

If you only have third-party coverage, you can only be reimbursed for the cost of replacement transportation when the other party is at fault. The maximum reimbursement is generally 75% of the rental cost. This means that you cannot claim everything, that you must first pay upfront and that there must be a party at fault. Thus, in all other cases, you cannot recover anything. To recover the damage from the other party, we work together with 112schade.nl.

replacement transport

Replacement transport with WA + limited hull insurance

If you have WA limited casco coverage, you are insured for windshield damage, theft, fire and damage caused by storm, hail and lightning. In these cases you are also insured for replacement transportation. The condition is that you have the damage repaired by an affiliated repair company of the insurer concerned. Is damage to your car caused by your own actions and not by one of the above factors? Then the costs for replacement transportation are not covered by the limited liability insurance.

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Replacement transportation with All-risk insurance is that possible?

Only with WA-casco (all-risk) coverage are you insured for damage you have caused to the vehicle yourself. This means that in the event of damage to your vehicle, you are entitled to free replacement transportation during the repair period. Again, the vehicle must be repaired at an affiliated repair company of the insurer in question. Since this arrangement may vary from one insurer to another, we always recommend consulting the terms and conditions in advance or contacting us.

Am I entitled to replacement transportation upon repair?

Do you have car damage and need the car repaired? In most cases the garage will provide you with replacement transportation. The costs will then be reimbursed by the insurance company. Be careful though, because some insurers only reimburse replacement transportation when the car is repaired at a garage they have an agreement with. So always check this before you have the car repaired. In most cases, however, replacement transportation only applies if you can no longer drive the car without repair. If the damage to the car is minor and it can still be driven, replacement transportation is not covered. After all, you can even schedule the repair at a time that suits you. Moreover, the repair will not take long.

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