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Can I purchase cyber insurance from Turien through Alpina?

Nowadays, we spend more and more time on the Internet. Cyber insurance covers financial losses resulting from a data breach, virus or other form of cybercrime. There are more and more insurers responding to the current demand for cyber insurance. Is it possible to purchase cyber insurance from Turien at alpina.nl ?

Cyber insurance private individuals Turien

Turien offers a so-called CyberCare Policy. The CyberCare Policy helps you and your resident family members in case of cyber incidents. Student children under 27 years of age living away from home are also co-insured.
Basically, the CyberCare Policy is suitable for anyone who has access to the Internet via a computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

With cyber insurance you insure the costs of assistance, investigation and recovery. Losses incurred are also compensated. For example, loss of money as a result of paying a fake invoice. The coverage is worldwide, so not only when you are at home, also on holiday you are insured.

Since Turien does not mediate and does not advise, it is only possible to take out cyber insurance via an intermediary.

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Take out cyber insurance with Turien

Alpina is an intermediary of Turien. That means you can purchase cyber insurance from Turien with us.

Why does Turien work with advisers?

As mentioned above, the CyberCare Policy can only be taken out through an insurance broker. Turien has chosen this for certain reasons. Turien believes that an adviser:

  • Can compare multiple products from different providers for you
  • Can give advice based on your specific situation
  • Independent and competent
  • Consideration of multiple financial, legal and fiscal options

In addition, the personal contact with an intermediary is a plus point, according to Turien. An insurance must be well arranged. An intermediary has many possibilities and can, based on your personal situation, arrange insurances that suit you.

Through Alpina, it is possible to take out cyber insurance with Turien. Below you can make a calculation directly.

Do you have questions about (the coverage of) cyber insurance? Then please contact us. We would be happy to help you! We can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 hours on +31 (0)88-6883700.

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