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bird insurance

Bird insurance

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A bird usually provides a lot of coziness in the home. They go through life - often literally - whistling. To properly protect your beloved pet in case of illness, you can take out pet insurance. In addition to a cat, dog or rabbit, you can also insure your bird. With a bird insurance you are insured against high medical costs, for example when your bird gets sick or needs surgery. On you can read all about the possibilities to insure your bird.

Why insure your bird?

Perhaps you have never thought of insuring your bird, for example because you did not know that this was possible or because you do not consider insurance for your pet necessary. However, bird insurance can offer a solution. Your bird can fall ill and get seriously injured. Often a consultation at the vet's and medicines are needed and sometimes even an operation. These things cost (a lot) of money. If you are suddenly faced with high medical costs, it is not always certain that you will be able to pay for them at that time. A bird insurance offers financial security so that you never have to choose between your bird and your wallet.

What does bird insurance cover?

A bird insurance covers the following:

  • Consultation and research
  • Medicines and operations
  • Disorders of the plumage
  • Beak and nail grinding
  • Specialist care

When taking out bird insurance, you can choose from 4 different types of cover: Basic, Plus, Total or Accident. You choose which cover to take out yourself. The percentage of the costs that is reimbursed differs per cover.

What are the costs?

The cost of bird insurance depends on a number of factors. The insurer determines the amount of the premium on the basis of these factors. These factors include the age, weight and breed or cross of your bird. In addition, the costs depend on the cover you take out. Naturally, the broader the cover, the higher the premium. The Total package is the most extensive cover, but you do pay more per month in premium. Finally, the costs depend on any additional coverage. With this insurance you can take out the additional coverage Cremation. This also covers the costs of cremation, including transport after death.

For which birds is a bird insurance?

With a bird insurance you can insure your pet bird, such as a parrot or parakeet.

Insure your parrot or parakeet

Did you know that a parrot can live for more than 50 years? A friend for life. Unfortunately, your parrot can also fall ill once in those 50 years. It is important that you insure your bird on time. Age plays an important role. The older the bird, the greater the chance of medical costs. That is why you pay a higher premium for an older bird. Is your bird older, but not yet insured? Then there is a chance that you cannot take out any more bird insurance. So make sure that you take out bird insurance for your parrot or parakeet on time.

Take out your bird insurance directly through Alpina

Do you want to insure your bird? Then take out bird insurance! You can use our online comparator to calculate an indication of the premium. That way you can see exactly how much you will have to pay each month. You can then easily take out the insurance online.

Do you have any questions about bird insurance? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! We are available Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00 on 030 - 688 37 00. You can also send us a message via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger.


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Calculate the premium of your bird insurance directly!

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