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Mortgage calculation

Calculate it yourself with our calculation tools!

Are you going to be looking for a home? Then of course you would like to know how much mortgage you can get. That makes the search for a dream home within your budget a lot easier. With our online calculation module you can easily calculate your mortgage online. Moreover, you get instant insight into your monthly mortgage payments. At Alpina.nl you can easily calculate your mortgage online.

Calculate maximum mortgage

The maximum mortgage is the highest amount you can borrow based on your income. Are you buying a home with your partner? Then both incomes count toward the maximum mortgage. It is nice to know what your maximum mortgage is before you start looking for a house. This allows you to search specifically within your budget. On Alpina.nl you can easily calculate your mortgage online with our mortgage calculator.

Calculate your maximum mortgage immediately!

Calculate your monthly amount in 4 steps

In just 4 steps you can already see what your maximum mortgage is, including the corresponding monthly costs.

Step 1: Enter your gross income

One of the most important factors in calculating your mortgage is your income. This calculates the maximum amount you can borrow. The higher your income is, the more you can borrow. However, other financial obligations also affect the amount of the mortgage. Are you an entrepreneur? Then when calculating the mortgage, you must enter the net profit of the past three years. Based on this data, the mortgage lender will then base your maximum mortgage.

Step 2: Partner data

Are you buying with your partner? Then you also enter your partner's gross income. In that case the mortgage is calculated on both incomes. Together you can get a higher mortgage.

Step 3: Fill out financial obligations

You then indicate whether you or your partner has any other financial obligations and, if so, for what amount. Besides your income, your financial obligations are also important. This is because these will leave you with less per month to pay the mortgage costs from. Therefore, when calculating a mortgage, you must also report your financial obligations. Financial obligations include, for example:

  • A student debt
  • Credit
  • Spousal support
  • Leasehold
  • A private lease car

Debts you have had in the past are registered with the Bureau of Credit Registration (BKR). If you have already paid off the loan, it is still registered. Therefore, you still need to report it to the mortgage lender.

Step 4: Calculate maximum mortgage

After filling in all the details, you will get an indication of your maximum mortgage. You will also immediately see the corresponding monthly costs. You can also immediately see the differences in mortgage costs between the various fixed-interest periods. Would you like more information or perhaps a consultation? Then make an appointment with one of our mortgage advisors!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate mortgage?

You can easily calculate your mortgage online at Alpina.nl. We have developed an online calculation module for this purpose. By entering your income, the income of a possible partner and your financial obligations, we can make a good indication of your maximum mortgage. Of course, you can always make an appointment with one of our mortgage advisors.

How can you calculate monthly expenses?

Important when calculating a mortgage are the monthly costs. Of course you want to know whether you can pay the mortgage costs each month and still have money left over to pay your other fixed expenses. It is also nice to have some money left over to save or to do nice things with. The monthly costs depend on the type of mortgage, the repayment, the mortgage interest and any insurance premiums. If you calculate your mortgage online, you will immediately get an indication of the monthly costs.

What can I borrow?

What amount you can borrow for your mortgage is different for everyone. It depends on your income. Are you buying together with your partner? If so, you can borrow a larger amount, because you obviously have a higher income together. Financial obligations also affect the mortgage. They mean that each month you will have less left over to pay the mortgage.

Is a maximum mortgage wise?

The maximum mortgage is the highest amount you can borrow based on your income and that of your partner, if any. Of course, you have other expenses besides your mortgage, such as your fixed expenses. In addition, you probably also want to have money left over to save or do fun things with. Therefore, it is not always wise to borrow the maximum amount for your mortgage. You may want to work less in the future, save a large amount of money or spend your money on something else.

What is the current mortgage rate?

View current mortgage rates here.

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