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All about cat insurance

When you buy a cat or get one from the shelter, you have a friend for life. Often a cat really is part of the family. A cat is therefore the perfect companion. Always around for a stroke, to give a head against your legs or to snuggle on your lap. At the same time, they can also easily be alone and require little care.

Yet a cat also needs to visit the veterinarian from time to time. For a routine checkup or the annual vaccination, but also sometimes when the cat gets sick or injured. To make sure you don't have to pay the entire amount for medical treatment yourself, you can purchase cat insurance.

Cat insurance

Cats are sweet, but also very stubborn. They do not readily show when something is wrong with them. That is why you sometimes find out late that your cat is sick or injured. For example, because they have eaten something wrong, fought with another cat or just do not feel well. In the most serious case the cat needs immediate surgery, which unfortunately is not cheap. That is why a cat insurance can offer a solution.

What cat insurances are there?

With most insurers, cat insurance consists of the basic package, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to take out additional insurances. You can, for example, insure physiotherapy, behavioural therapy, radiotherapy and dental costs. With some insurers you can also insure the sterilisation or castration of your animal and sometimes even the necessary vaccinations. Travel cover or cremation cover is also an option. So you can compile your pet insurance exactly as you want it. Do you want to know at which providers you can take out cat insurance? Calculate the premium and see which providers meet your needs.

What does cat insurance cost?

The cost of cat insurance depends on your cat. An insurer looks at the following factors when calculating the premium:

  • Your cat's breed or crossbreed
  • Your cat's weight
  • The age of your cat
  • Will you go for the basic coverage or will you also choose additional coverage?

If your cat is heavier, there is a higher risk of health problems. The age of your cat is also important. The older an animal gets, the higher the risk of disorders. Many insurers therefore recalculate the premium every year, this is also called an ageing surcharge. This means that the premium will increase every year.

What is the best cat insurance?

Every owner wants the best cat insurance for his or her beloved four-legged friend. What the best cat insurance is, differs per person. It depends on your cat and your personal situation. We recommend taking out insurance when your cat is still young, as pet insurance can only be taken out up to a certain age. Furthermore, you know your cat best. Perhaps you would like to include dental costs, as your cat does not clean its teeth easily. You decide which additional covers best suit your personal needs. This way you compose the best cat insurance yourself.

What is the cheapest cat insurance?

For many people, the level of the premium is a decisive factor when choosing insurance. They immediately go for the cheapest cat insurance. Of course, everyone wants to save a bit on insurance, because having a cat is costly enough. However, don't forget to take a good look at the insurance coverage as well. You can do this by making a good comparison. It is also important to take a good look at your financial situation. If you have a buffer to cover unexpected costs, you may not need to be as extensively insured as when you are a bit short on cash. This way you can determine what the best insurance is for you, your cat and your wallet.

Frequently asked questions about cat insurance

Which cat breeds can I insure?

In principle, you can insure all cat breeds. There are, however, a number of breeds that are not, or are no longer, healthy. Some insurers therefore charge a higher premium for insuring these breeds, as there are more risks involved. It is also possible that certain conditions are excluded from coverage when insuring a certain cat breed. You can find this in the policy conditions.

Up to what age can I insure my cat?

You can purchase cat insurance for cats up to age 11. When taking out or renewing insurance, the age of the animal is taken into account. The older the animal, the higher the insurance premium because the risk of diseases and accidents increases

Can I extend the cover in the meantime?

Yes, you can change to a more comprehensive package. You can do this on the annual premium due date (the policy anniversary).

Why take out cat insurance?

Cat insurance is not compulsory, but it can save you a lot of worry and financial stress when your cat gets sick. With cat insurance, you can be sure that you will be able to pay the medical costs.

How can I cancel my insurance?

You can terminate your insurance with a notice period of one month. This is possible on a monthly basis once your policy has run for one year or in special cases, for example if your pet has died.

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