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What does indemnity occupant insurance include with motorhome insurance

You can insure your motor home, but what about the passengers? In case of an accident, the passengers can claim for the damage. Unfortunately, this is often a complex and lengthy process. With the passenger indemnity insurance, you can insure your passengers and yourself.

Your camper is damaged due to an accident. You claim this damage on your camper insurance. But something can also happen to the passengers. As a driver you feel responsible for your passengers, so you make sure you have an insurance that compensates them in case something happens to them. It will cost you a few euros per month, but then you will be well taken care of.


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When does the passenger indemnity insurance pay out?

The first condition is an accident with the insured car. This can damage the passengers' possessions. Think for example of a smartphone that flies through the car and gets smashed. You can claim this damage from the passenger insurance. In the case of personal injury, the emotional and financial impact can be very great. You cannot insure the emotional impact, but you can insure the financial impact. If you are unable to work as a result of the accident, the damage can be very expensive. The passenger may have to be paid the full annual wage for a long time. The damage is (partly) covered by the passenger insurance.

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What is the maximum payment?

The actual damage suffered is paid. This amount is capped at €400,000 per accident. In case of several passengers, the insured amount may not be high enough to cover the entire damage. In most cases the insured amount will be more than sufficient.

Is the passenger indemnity insurance advisable?

It is a useful addition. The chance that you will ever need this cover is small. Once you do, the cover proves its added value. The last thing you want is to financially ruin a passenger and his or her family if you have not taken out this insurance.

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