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Jan 27, 2022
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Looking for a fun internship?

Alpina is an approved internship company! In recent years, several interns have joined our team and we are very happy about that. We find it important that our interns have an instructive time in which they develop both personally and professionally. In order to get a better idea of what an internship at Alpina looks like, we have listed some intern experiences for you!


Melvin van Huet

"Hello I'm Melvin!

I started at Alpina at the end of August 2020 for my final internship and now I work here full-time in the ICT department. From the very beginning you are warmly welcomed. On your first day, you immediately visit all departments and people to introduce yourself. Everyone is very collegial which creates a pleasant atmosphere. The supervision during my internship was very good. When you get the hang of it, you soon notice that you get a lot of freedom. At the beginning I was told to just do my own thing and I still do!

It is really recommended to do an internship here if you want to see more of a field, in my case that is ICT!"

Intern experiences at Alpina

Djody Vermeulen

"Hi, I'm Djody!

I attended college in Business Administration and did my first cooperative internship at Alpina. This was a fun and educational time. Even so much fun that I also did my graduation internship at Alpina. Since December 1, 2020, I have been working at Alpina as a Project Management Officer. As an intern at Alpina, you will be well supervised, but you will also work independently. If you show that you can handle more, you will be given the opportunity to take on more. Your input is highly valued and as an intern you will have the opportunity to think along and provide your own input. Alpina is a nice dynamic company to develop yourself as an intern on both a personal and business level!

Take a look at our website, maybe there is a great internship position for you!"


Jari van Ieperen

"Hi, I'm Jari!

I am training as an ICT administrator and did an internship at Alpina in the ICT department. I found it a fun and educational experience, so I really enjoyed my internship. I really liked the cooperation between the colleagues. I was guided very well to solve the ICT related problems in the company. Meanwhile, I also started my second internship at Alpina in February 2021.

After my second internship at Alpina, during which I also enjoyed my internship, I was finally allowed to join Alpina."

Noah van de Water

"Hi, I'm Noah!

During my graduation (Hogeschool van Amsterdam - Commercial Economics) I was working full time as a graduate intern at Alpina. From February to June 2021, I worked three days a week on my research on improving customer loyalty at Alpina. The other two days I worked in the marketing communications department. Are you looking for a (graduate) internship? Then I would definitely recommend Alpina because you get a lot of freedom and all your ideas are more than welcome. In addition, I had very good guidance during my graduation research. The weekly (short) meetings for questions were an accessible way to spar every week.

Good luck finding your (graduate) internship!"


Niels Bruggemann

"Hi, I'm Niels!

I could definitely recommend an internship at the company Alpina! I am studying Expert IT Systems & Security and in my second year I did my internship here in the IT department. I worked there together with the workplace administrator.

I found it a very unique experience to do an internship at Alpina. You were warmly welcomed right from the start and you also get the feeling that you are really part of the team. There was very clear and fine guidance, and eventually also a lot of independence and freedom. The atmosphere at the company is very professional and I found everything very well organized. I also found it very pleasant and great colleagues to work with!

Besides all the fun, of course I was able to learn a lot at Alpina. So again, definitely recommended for an internship!"

Inez Vredenbregt

Inez Vredenbregt

"Hey, I'm Inez!

I am currently studying Technical Business Administration and started my internship at Alpina in February 2022. From day one I was involved in the work of the company and got to know my colleagues. Thanks to the openness and sociability within Alpina, I felt right at home. Besides sociability, there was also plenty of room for development. Within my internship assignment I was challenged to learn new things and ask critical questions under good supervision. This allowed me to get the best out of my assignment and I look back on an instructive period. Fortunately, my adventure did not end here and I am now working at Alpina as a Database Consultant.

So if you're looking for a fun and challenging internship, you've definitely come to the right place!"

Olivier de Zeeuw

"Hi, I'm Olivier!

For my studies in business administration at the Hogeschool Utrecht, I had the opportunity to do my graduation internship at Alpina. I was given a very ambitious assignment, but I was well supported during my research.

Alpina is an organization that is open to new ideas and insights, everyone is easy to approach and you are given responsibility. Before this I have done several internships, but Alpina definitely stands out."

Mike Jägers

"Hi, I'm Mike!

I am taking the college course Cyber Security and in my 3rd year I did my first internship for this course in the ICT department. Here I worked together with different colleagues on several important business processes. I was given a lot of freedom and was able to learn a lot, which is why I definitely recommend an internship at Alpina!

I have done several internships with my pre-university education, but this internship at Alpina is definitely somewhere at the top of my list of fun learning internships. At the job interview you receive a warm welcome. On your first internship day, you are introduced to all your colleagues and are immediately introduced to the work you will be doing. You will be briefly introduced to the history of Alpina and the components you will be working with. This gives you a clear understanding of where you have actually come to work.

I have done a lot of my work both independently and collaboratively. As mentioned earlier, I was quickly given a lot of freedom to immerse myself in the work and look around. Besides the work, I also found the colleagues to be very sociable, so there was room for a chat in between. Once again, I definitely recommend Alpina as an internship!"

Pepijn de Ridder

Pepijn de Ridder

"Hi, I'm Pepin!

I am currently studying the Bachelor's degree in Technical Business Administration at HU and started my internship on September 4, 2023. The first days of my internship I felt right at home, for example, the first working day I was immediately surprised with a gift! I was also immediately included in the daily business life.

Thanks to the interactive internship, I experienced a great development. It is a company that really cares about you and sees you standing up for yourself, which is why I got so much out of my internship! I also enjoyed the freedom I was given during my assignments and if I had a question or didn't know something I could always ask my colleagues.

If you are looking for an internship and really want to get everything out of your internship, I highly recommend Alpina!"

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