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How can I get temporary car insurance?

It may happen that you need to insure a car temporarily. For example, if you want to export a car abroad or if you have to drive your car to and from a RDW testing station. This is possible with the temporary car insurance.

When you take out a car insurance policy, you are entering into an annual contract. Insurers prefer not to take out insurance for a short period. The benefits must outweigh the costs. A problem arises when you only need cover for one day to a few weeks. We can solve this problem with our temporary car insurance. We offer three variants of this insurance: one day, one week and two weeks.

temporary -car insurance

Temporary car insurance for a fortnight

For example, if you buy a convertible for a holiday abroad, this insurance provides the obligatory third-party insurance cover. This coverage comes with a green card. The insurance can also be used for third-party liability for a caravan or motor home. The insurance can be extended if two weeks is too short. You can pay for this temporary car insurance online as soon as you take out the policy, just like the cover for one day or one week.

For the prices and conditions of the temporary car insurance please refer to our website.

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