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Meet Ron

Hello, my name is Ron Mulder and I have been helping employers and employees for 30 years when it comes to various income issues. I also work as an instructor for external parties. I have provided various training courses at Akkermans & Partners, ING, De Jong and Laan, among others. I am also the author of the article "Consequences AOW life time increase for third pillar poorly thought through" for Pensioen Advies of Wolters Kluwer.

I also provide courses for Fiscaal Vanmorgen.

My expertise is in pension plan and sickness and disability plans. In pension plans, I can help with providing a personal pension plan, but I can also help with a scope study for a possible industry pension fund. A good sickness and disability scheme can prevent a lot of financial damage for the company. This can include whether or not to participate in the public system.

Together with my fellow consultants, we assist employers in identifying risks and providing the best possible advice.