Car insurance

Overview of the latest news regarding cars.

winter tires

Do you know the latest rules around winter tires and snow chains?

Cold winters are becoming increasingly rare in the Netherlands. Snow and sleet seem to be less common....

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check car insurance

Does your current insurance still fit your car?

Personal situations change. Therefore, your auto insurance coverage may not...

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rdw registration number

RDW makes license plate inspection easier

The RDW has made it easier to retrieve vehicle history up to 9 years back from...

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mmbs agricultural vehicles research

Thousands of agricultural and construction vehicles no longer allowed on the roads as of 1 January

Earlier this year, we reported that, 1 month after the introduction of compulsory registration for agricultural vehicles, the...

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mmbs agricultural vehicles research

Only 2% of MMBS registered after 1 month, agricultural vehicles on track

Registration requirement for agricultural vehicles and motorbikes with limited speed (MMBS) Since the introduction of the...

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Quarter of Dutch youngsters afraid to drive

47 percent distrust other road users Although the Dutch roads are among the safest in the world,...

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car finance private

5 Tips for financing a car as an individual

Buying a car is not a small expense in most cases. If you have the...

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excellent cargo

Protruding cargo: what are the rules?

If you are transporting a large object larger than your car, trailer or...

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insured against hailstorms

An extreme hail storm: are you insured?

Unfortunately, extreme hail storms also occur in the Netherlands. Because the damage is often considerable, the...

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