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Using claim-free years for another motor vehicle

Mar 30, 2017
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Accrued claim-free years entitle you to a discount on car insurance. You can also use the discount for another motor vehicle. In certain cases it can be beneficial to transfer your claim-free years to for example a motorhome with a high list value. In this way, you can also use years accrued in a motorcycle insurance for the car insurance.

When insuring motor vehicles, the number of claim-free years plays a big role in the amount of the premium. You can accrue a discount of up to 75% or even 85%. Policyholders with a poor claims history can even receive a premium surcharge of, say, 25%. Being creative with claim-free years pays off.

How do you build claim-free years?

After you get your driver's license, you will pay a high premium for the first few years. This is due to the choice of insurers to make the amount of the premium dependent on claims history. Motorists who have not previously insured a motor vehicle start with zero claim-free years. For every year they are insured without claiming a loss, they are entitled to one year. When claiming a damage, you lose another 5 years. Thus, claiming a damage is severely penalized.

Are all claims charged to your claim-free years?

No, recoverable damages do not cost you years. In a collision caused by the other party, the insurer pays out your damages if you are WA-casco(all risk) insured. Subsequently, the damage is recovered from the other party. This does not cost you any claim-free years. The same goes for damage insured under the WA limited hull insurance. Examples are storm damage, windshield damage and theft of your car.

How can you be creative with claim-free years?

Suppose you have insured a motorcycle for 5 years and have never claimed a claim. You can also take the 5 accrued years out of motorcycle insurance and use them correctly for your car insurance. Similarly, you can get extra discount on another motor vehicle. For example, it is attractive for young people to use claim-free years accrued in a scooter insurance policy later for their first car.

Using the second car arrangement

Partners who both own a car can take advantage of the second car scheme. In this scheme, the second family car elevators on the accrued years of the first family car. However, it is often necessary to place the second car with the same insurer. You can save even more by insuring the first car first. compare online. Then insure the second car with the same insurer as the first. Of course, the insurer in question must use the second car policy.

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