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What is CIS Foundation?

Feb 13, 2019
3 min reading time

Foundation CIS stands for Foundation Central Information System. What kind of foundation is this? What does a CIS registration entail?

The Central Information System is a system in which data on consumers are registered. The CIS Foundation represents the interests of insurance companies. Insurance companies can consult CIS to collect, store and exchange information about their customers.
When you apply for insurance or file a claim, the insurer may check with CIS. What the insurer does with this information varies from case to case and company to company. Usually, with a CIS registration, you will not be accepted by a regular company. If, for example, you want to take out car insurance and you are not accepted by a regular company, De Vereende offers a solution. De Vereende is a company willing to insure special risks where regular companies drop out. De Vereende will always accept the car insurance, but the premium is higher than for a regular car insurance.

CIS registration

What does a CIS registration mean? A CIS registration has to do with your insurance history. You can be registered with Stichting CIS for a variety of reasons. It involves data that gives the insurer insight into the customer's insurance history, such as:

  • Driving disqualification
  • A damage history
  • A police and judicial past
  • Cancellation/termination by an insurance company
  • Fraud in claiming a loss

An insurance company has the right to cancel an insurance under certain conditions. This is called cancellation and can happen when you do not pay the premium (on time).

Accessing your CIS registration

You have the right to see your data registered with Stichting CIS. To do so, you can submit a request for inspection by filling out the inspection form on the CIS website. After you have sent the web form, you will receive an e-mail that you sign and send by mail with a copy of valid identification to [email protected].

If you do not wish to use the web form, you may download and print the request for inspection.
You can then send the form fully completed and signed, with a copy of your valid ID, to:

CIS Foundation
Attn: Inspection Team.
P.O. Box 91627

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