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Traffic training for meal time delivery drivers

Jun 12, 2019
2 min reading time

To reduce the number of accidents involving meal delivery drivers, comprehensive traffic training is being offered to delivery drivers.

In early 2019, figures from De Vereende revealed that drivers of delivery mopeds are nearly six times more likely to sustain damage than drivers of private mopeds. In addition, the damage amount is also 75 percent higher.

Five Golden Rules of Conduct for Meal Delivery Workers

In response to these figures, Veilig Verkeer Nederland and De Vereende launched the Five Golden Rules of Conduct for Meal Deliverers', to prevent damage caused by meal deliverers. They are easy to remember and are brought to people's attention by, among other things, stickers on scooters.

The five golden rules of conduct for couriers:

  1. I drive quietly and obey traffic rules
  2. I keep to the speed limit
  3. I stop for a red light and a crosswalk
  4. I don't look at my phone or call while driving
  5. I wear a helmet and strap it on

The agreements made by the Dutch Association of Meal Delivery Companies (NLVVM), Veilig Verkeer Nederland and the Vereende on ways to improve road safety are bundled in a Road Safety Declaration. The purpose of this declaration is that member companies take social responsibility with regard to the road safety of employees and other road users.

To further improve road safety, one of the goals of the Road Safety Statement is to ensure proper training for every meal delivery driver who delivers by moped or scooter.

All meal delivery drivers are urged to adhere to the Traffic Safety Statement.

Delivery moped insurance through the Vereende

Many delivery mopeds are insured through the Vereende. De Vereende is a company that does want to insure special risks where regular companies drop out. De Vereende will always accept the moped insurance, but the premium is higher than for a regular moped insurance.

Through Alpina it is possible to apply online for insurance with the Vereende. We advise you to use our comparison module.
Please note that insurance with the Vereende can only take effect after you have paid the initial premium AND after you have signed and returned the application form you received from us by e-mail. Therefore, it may take several days before you have coverage.

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