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Sick leave in the Netherlands drops slightly: spring decline sets in

May 17, 2023
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According to recent figures from health and safety services ArboNed and HumanCapitalCare, the average absenteeism rate in the Netherlands fell to 5.0% in March from 5.1% in February 2023. Although flu is still the main cause of absenteeism, the number of sick days due to flu has further decreased in recent weeks. Nevertheless, the average level of absenteeism is still significantly higher than before the corona pandemic in 2019.

Decline in spring is common

Almost every year, there is a drop in the number of reports of absenteeism in the spring. This is also known as the spring downturn. Although flu is still the biggest culprit, in recent weeks the number of sick calls due to flu has steadily declined. However, the absenteeism rate at this time is still significantly higher than before the corona pandemic. In March 2019, the average absence rate was 4.5%, compared to 5.6% in March 2022. The decrease in influenza and COVID explains the decrease in absenteeism compared to last year.

In healthcare, absenteeism rates are highest at 6.9%. Absenteeism rates also remain high in education with an average of 5.7%, but this is back to the usual pre-coronagraphic levels.

Increase in psychological absenteeism

When there is long-term absenteeism (longer than six weeks), more and more people drop out due to stress-related complaints, ArboNed and HumanCapitalCare note. In 2022, this percentage was 13% higher than before the start of the corona pandemic in 2019.

Therefore, do not wait too long and start talking as soon as you recognize the first symptoms. Both in yourself and in another person. There are also various tools available to identify the psychosocial workload of employees, so that conditions can be improved and carrying capacity can be increased. For managers, it is important not to adopt a wait-and-see attitude, but to show interest in employees, see what someone is up against and what they can help with.

Have you considered absenteeism insurance?

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