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No-claim discount when insuring a second car?

By not claiming any damage on your car insurance you build up years of no-claims. This is also called the no-claim discount. What about the no-claim discount when insuring a second car?

No-claim discount and a second car

No-claim discount is the discount you get on your car insurance when you don't claim any damage. Having no-claim discount makes a big difference on the premium of your car insurance. It is important that the car insurance is in your name. What about when you buy a second car? Do you get the same discount? Insurers have different rules for a second car insurance.

When you get a high no-claim discount on your first car insurance, you would prefer to get this discount on a second car as well. Another method is to take over the discount of your first car insurance up to a certain discount amount. It is also possible to get a fixed percentage discount for your second car.

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Car insurance for a second car

When you take out car insurance for a second car, you do not have to start all over again with building up claim-free years. You can benefit from the second car scheme. With this scheme the discount of the first car is taken over, but the policies are not linked to each other. In case of damage to one car, this has no consequences for the other car insurance.

There are a number of conditions for taking out a two-car insurance policy with the second car scheme. For example, it is often not permitted to include children as regular drivers on the policy. For many insurers, the second car has to be registered in the same name as the first car. There are also restrictions on the catalogue value of the second car.

In many cases, the second car must be insured with the same insurer as the first car. Some insurers are willing to take the accumulated claim-free years on another policy (with another insurer) into account, but this is quite rare.

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Second car scheme

It is therefore important to check whether your current insurance company offers the second car scheme. Does your current insurance company not offer this arrangement? Then you can choose to switch to another car insurance company. This way you can save a lot of money on your monthly costs.

On our website you can easily compare insurances. This way, you will always find the car insurance that suits you best.

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