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What happens if I don't have funeral insurance?

What if you don't take out funeral insurance, is that a problem? In the Netherlands, it is not mandatory to have funeral insurance. What actually happens if you do not have funeral insurance? Who pays for the cremation or burial?

To have or not to have funeral insurance: what is wise?

Are you wondering if it is wise to purchase funeral insurance? This depends entirely on your own financial situation. You can set aside some of your money during your lifetime and save for your funeral. If you pass away then your next of kin can pay for your cremation or burial. Do you start early and know how much money you will need? Then saving is an option. However, saving also has disadvantages. First, it requires some discipline to set aside a monthly amount for your funeral, for example.

Moreover, at the time of your earlier death, you may not have saved the full amount. Your next of kin could still have to pay part of the costs. Funeral insurance ensures that your funeral will be arranged. The costs are covered in whole or in part. You and your loved ones do not have to worry about this.

Funeral not insured

The cost of a funeral is often still underestimated. The average cost for a funeral is between € 7000-10,000. If you do not have funeral insurance, these costs will be borne by your next of kin. If you want to avoid surprises for your loved ones, taking out funeral insurance is a solution. Read more about the cost of cremation if you do not have insurance here.

No funeral insurance: now what?

You may not be thinking about your funeral at all yet. Of course, you just want to enjoy life. Nevertheless, funeral insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will not have to worry financially about your funeral. Do you not yet have funeral insurance? Not to worry. In most cases, you can take out funeral insurance at least until you are older. Keep in mind that you will have to meet a number of conditions when you are older.

No funeral insurance, but saving for your funeral? Then it is wise to start early. As mentioned above, a funeral costs at least €8000. In addition, funeral costs also increase annually. You should also take this into account in your savings plan.

Are you curious about what your funeral will cost? Through the link below you can easily calculate the cost of your funeral according to your funeral wishes. Then you can easily take out funeral insurance.

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