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What does a cremation cost if you are not insured?

Not everyone has taken out funeral insurance. But what if one of your loved ones dies and that person is not insured? Who then pays for the funeral? Suppose your beloved deceased wants to be cremated. Chances are that you, as the next of kin, will pay for the cost. What does a cremation cost if you are not insured?

Deceased and not insured; who pays the costs?

There are some people who do not have funeral insurance. What happens when someone dies who is not insured varies from case to case. Perhaps someone has saved money for this themselves or there is another pot in the death insurance policy or funeral purchase policy, for example. If your loved one has no funeral insurance or savings, the funeral will have to be paid for by the spouse, children or heirs. A funeral quickly costs between €7,000-€10,000. Not everyone can afford this. Moreover, it can cause a lot of stress for the next of kin.

All the costs of a cremation at a glance

Whether you choose and burial or cremation is very personal. In general, cremation is often cheaper than burial. Often with a burial you choose an expensive coffin, which you don't have with a cremation. Still, an average cremation costs 6500 euros. Quite a large amount that not everyone can afford. This amount is recovered from the next of kin if the deceased is not insured. Funeral insurance does not have to be expensive. How much premium you pay does, of course, depend on your wishes and on your age at the time of purchase.

There are some basic costs for every funeral for both burial and cremation. The basic costs include the services of the funeral director, the care of the deceased, the casket and interment in the funeral home. Basic costs average between 2,200 and 3,000 euros, but there are large price differences locally. With a cremation, there are also all kinds of additional costs. Think, for example, of an urn, bereavement cards, obituary advertisement, funeral transport or hearse.

Funeral insurance a good idea?

It is not mandatory to have funeral insurance. Have you saved enough money yourself to pay for a cremation? Then you can choose not to take out funeral insurance. If you have no savings for your next of kin, it is a good idea to take out funeral insurance. That way, you won't leave your next of kin with high bills. In the first place, they are the ones who will be held liable for paying for your cremation. Want to know what the premium of your insurance is? Through the link below you can easily calculate what you pay for funeral insurance.

What needs to be arranged in the event of a death?

When a loved one passes away, a lot comes at you. There is much to be arranged and for most people it is not an everyday occurrence. We have listed some things for you to think about. Read more about what to do in case of death.

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