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Alpina Apeldoorn office building


Hunting Avenue 278
7312 GT, Apeldoorn

Opening hours

Monday 09:00-17:30
Tuesday 09:00-17:30
Wednesday 09:00-17:30
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Opening hours

Monday 09:00-17:30
Tuesday 09:00-17:30
Wednesday 09:00-17:30
Thursday 09:00-17:30
Friday 09:00-17:30
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

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Inventory, Analyze, Advice & Guidance. Together with you, we will make a structured inventory of all relevant information, your wishes and objectives, which are necessary to come to the right analysis. With the data you provide, we will then analyze whether your wishes and objectives can be realized. Affordability is also tested, so you know where you stand. Based on our analysis, we give you advice. We record our advice in an advisory report and discuss it.

We can also manage your insurance package, pension plan or financial product. In the event of a claim, we will assist you in word and deed. We will stand up for your interests, and make sure that you get what you are entitled to in the event of a claim.

You can also come to us for independent mortgage advice. We offer a choice from a huge range of lenders. Unlike most banks, for example, our office can give you independent advice within what is offered in the market. Lines of communication are short and contact is personal. Increasingly, our insurance clients are finding their way to independent mortgage advice. It is not necessary to already be a client: mortgage advice is open to everyone.

If you want to have your property appraised, sell or buy a house, you have also come to the right place. You can contact our business unit Boers Makelaars, located in Apeldoorn. This is a respected and well-known real estate agency within the region and specializes in residential brokerage and valuations. This NVM office is also a warranty broker.

We are at your service

Financial planning

If you like to get ahead, take advantage of our financial planning. Because with each new phase or milestone, you look into your wallet: What can be done, what can't be done? A house with a garden, a big trip, your own business, a vacation home, retire early?

In a complete and clear overview we can clarify if and how you can fulfill your wish. You get a detailed financial report in which all your money matters are covered. So don't break your head any longer. Ask us for advice. Our financial planning provides guidance for all your important decisions.

Personal Plus Plan

When you choose the Personal Plus Plan (PPP for short), you choose optimum security and convenience. For a small monthly fee, we take care of all your non-life insurance needs.

Together, we determine which insurances you need and which you don't. We compare the premiums you pay now with what we could achieve for you.

That way you know exactly what the cost is and what you're getting for it. And after we customize your insurance portfolio, we'll contact you periodically to keep everything up to date.