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Is trailer insurance compulsory?

It is not compulsory to insure a trailer. A trailer is already insured on the car insurance of the towing vehicle. When you cause damage with your trailer, it is covered by the Civil Liability cover of your car insurance. This coverage is valid as long as you drive with your trailer, but also if it breaks loose. However, there is also a special trailer insurance. This insures the trailer against damage caused by fire, natural forces, vandalism and theft. Even if your trailer is damaged by your own hand, this is insured.

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Trailer insurance mandatory

Why insure a trailer?

It is not obligatory to insure your trailer, why would you do it? With the WA-coverage of your car insurance you are insured for damage that you cause to another person with your trailer. These are only liability damages. Damage to your own trailer is not insured. Therefore you can consider to take a trailer insurance. A trailer insurance has an all-risk coverage, so you are insured for damages you have no influence on, like fire damage or theft, and damages to the trailer caused by your own fault. This is especially advisable if you have a trailer with a high current value or if your trailer is indispensable, for example because of your work. You can also insure your horse trailer or boat trailer with a trailer insurance.

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What kind of damage does a trailer insurance cover?

With most insurers, the following damages are covered with a trailer insurance:

  • Damage due to burglary
  • Damage by fire, explosion, lightning or short circuit
  • Theft of the trailer or parts of the trailer
  • Damage by storm or hail
  • Collision damage

Not compulsory, but sensible: compare trailer insurance

Although trailer insurance is not mandatory, it does have its advantages. If you have decided that you want to get trailer insurance, it is important that you compare different providers in advance. On you can calculate the premium for trailer insurance and then take out the insurance directly. The cost of trailer insurance depends on a number of factors, such as the value of the trailer. With just a few clicks you can see which insurance company has the best offer for you. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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You are not obliged to take out trailer insurance, but it is sometimes wise. Do you have any questions about trailer insurance or do you want to discuss the possibilities with one of our insurance experts? Please contact us! You can reach us Monday through Friday, from 08.00 to 18.00 on 088 - 6883700. You can also send us a message with your question. You can do this via e-mail, WhatsApp or Messenger. We will answer your question as soon as possible!

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