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You buy another car - What do you do with your car insurance?

Oct 17, 2017
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Once you get another car in your name, the car must also be insured. What is the best way to handle this? Can you keep the current car insurance, or is it best to opt for insurance specifically tailored to the newly purchased car?

Your current car insurance policy may not be a smart choice for your next car. This is because the perfect car insurance depends heavily on the car you're seeking coverage for. So it's safe to say that when you buy another car, you're also choosing a new car insurance policy.

Insure another car on the existing car insurance policy

You can call your insurer and get the new car insured to replace the existing car. The insurer will need the license plate number and report code to do this. You also specify how you want to insure the new car. Then the insurer will issue the new insurance within a few days. Keep in mind that insurers often charge for this. The premium may also increase due to the adjustment. Be critical and do not agree to a sharp increase in the premium. In that case it is better to switch to a cheaper insurer.

How to choose the best car insurance for your other car?

You don't need to know about auto insurance to pick the best and cheapest auto insurance. It is a matter of comparison. We can help you with this. On you can compare car insurances based on the license plate. All information about the car is loaded from the data known to the RDW. Then you answer a few questions and you already have an overview of the best car insurance in order of premium level.

Insure your other car before driving it

You might think that insuring the other car is also possible when you get home, but that can be an expensive decision. Driving an uninsured car can get you a fine, but the consequences can be much worse. You shouldn't think about it if, for example, you hit a cyclist with the uninsured car. Suppose the cyclist becomes incapacitated due to the crash. This could result in an injury claim of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It cannot even be ruled out that the damages could run into the millions. This could happen if the cyclist is unable to work for the rest of his or her life. The financial damage in that case is incalculable.

So pay close attention to car insurance when buying another car. Get car insurance with ample coverage at a low premium.

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