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Schadegarant insurers: which insurance companies are affiliated?

If your insurance company is affiliated with Stichting Schadegarant, then , you will benefit from many advantages in the event of a claim. For example, you are entitled to replacement transport, the excess is reduced by 50% and you do not have to advance the damage payment.

Insurance companies participating in the Schadegarant scheme

  • AEGON Schadeverzekering nv
  • Algemene Zeeuwse Verzekering Maatschappij nv
  • Delta Lloyd Non-Life Insurance nv
  • Europeesche Verzekering Maatschappij nv
  • Fortis ASR
  • Fortis Corporate Insurance
  • GENERALI non-life insurance company nv
  • De Goudse Insurance
  • Nationale-Nederlanden Schadeverzekering Maatschappij nv
  • Proteq Schadeverzekeringen nv
  • RVS Non-life insurance
  • SNS Insurance

A few other advantages of Schadegarant at a glance

  • You will receive a discount on your deductible.
  • The garage can start the repair immediately. A damage expert does not need to determine the extent of your damage in advance, which means that you can get your car back in a flash.
  • You get a replacement car free of charge. You only pay the petrol costs.
  • You do not have to advance the amount of the claim.

Please note! In case of only broken glass, without other damage to your car, you cannot make use of the facilities of Schadegarant.

Not only the insurer must be affiliated with Stichting Schadegarant, but also the body repair company. Click here to find a damage repair company affiliated with the foundation in your area.

Damage guarantee contact

Stationsweg Oost 184
3931 EW Woudenberg

Damage guarantee garage

Do you have car damage? Then of course you want to take your car to the garage as soon as possible so that it can be repaired. You can have your car repaired at any garage. However, insurance companies recommend to always have this done by recognised damage repair companies. Agreements have been made with these damage repair companies about the method, duration and cost of the repair. In addition, there is a lower excess, you do not have to advance the costs and you have a guarantee on the repair.

Damage guarantee company

Some 2600 damage repair companies are affiliated with Schadegarant. In case of car damage, you can go to your local garage, but always consult your insurer in advance. If your insurer has made agreements with Schadegarant, it is best to go to an affiliated repair company. If you go to a non-member company, it can cost you money. An affiliated repair company will give you a discount on the excess and you are entitled to free replacement transport. Your insurer can help you in case of damage and inform you about the next steps.

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