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How can I calculate the premium of an absence insurance?

Although taking out absenteeism insurance is not mandatory, many organizations take one anyway. This is because the costs for one sick employee - or several - can be substantial. By taking out absenteeism insurance, you insure yourself and your company against these costs. Before you take out absenteeism insurance, you naturally want to know how high the insurance premium is. However, the premium for absence insurance is different for each organization. In fact, many factors affect the amount of the premium. At we will tell you how to calculate the premium for your absence insurance.

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How is the premium structured?

The premium for an absenteeism insurance is built up from different factors. To calculate the premium, an insurer uses a premium percentage. The premium for absence insurance can be calculated by multiplying the premium percentage with the total wage costs. On average, the premium is between 1.5% and 5.5% of the total wage costs. The amount of the percentage depends on various factors:

  • The composition of your staff (age, number of part-timers, etc.)
  • The sector or industry in which you work
  • The absence figures of the last 3 years

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Example of premium for absence insurance

The premium percentage is determined by the insurer on the basis of the above factors. To give you an example, let's take a premium percentage of 2.5%. The total gross salary of the company is €170,000. The calculation is then as follows:

170,000 x 0.0250 = €4,250 per year

Premium lower than costs of sick employees

The costs for a sick employee can be quite high. You not only have to deal with continued payment of wages, but also with costs for replacement staff, loss of turnover, absence mediation and reintegration costs. All this can add up considerably. On average, one sick employee costs €250 to €300 per day. If several employees are sick simultaneously for a long time, your costs will increase considerably. The premium for an absenteeism insurance may seem high, but compared to the costs for sick employees it will save you a lot of money.

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