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Europeesche requires garage or storage with oldtimer insurance

Europeesche has started to make it compulsory for its insured persons who have a oldtimer insurance When renewing their policy, the Europeesche has started to oblige its insured persons who have a oldtimer insurance to have a garage or a shed for their oldtimer. When they do not, will not or cannot comply with this, they will be removed from the oldtimer insurance.

Europeesche requires garage or storage with oldtimer insurance

Why extra requirements

For years, it has been possible to insure old-timers at a special, lower rate. This rate was introduced by insurers because old-timer owners drive far less distance with their old-timers. Also, when taking out old-timer insurance, the owner of an old-timer is obliged to specify a second vehicle intended for daily use. With most insurers, depending on the chosen premium, you can drive between 5000 and 7500 kilometres per year. In recent years there has been an increase in kilometre fraud. The Europeesche wants with the obligation of a garage or depot to reduce the number of insured who commit kilometre fraud, according to the spokeswoman of the Europeesche. "If the car is in the garage, it will not be caught so quickly for an errand," is the defence.

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Alpina.nl is always looking for vintage car insurance with the best terms and the lowest premium. Thus, we also now have oldtimer insurance where there is no storage obligation. Do you want to insure your vintage car? Click if you are looking for more information about oldtimer insurance or wish to compare the premium directly here.

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