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Is your vintage car insurance still up to date? Do the check!

04 Apr 2024
3 min reading time

Spring has begun again! For many old-timer owners this is the season to take their car for a spin. However, it is important to check whether your old-timer insurance is up to date before you leave. For example, do you know the maximum mileage you can drive per year? And are you still in possession of a valid valuation report? Using the points below, you can check if there are still things you need to adjust in your vintage car insurance. So you can take carefree trips with your vintage car this spring and summer.

Is your appraisal report still valid?

When you are in possession of a valid appraisal report, the company will pay out the appraised value in case of theft or total loss, regardless of the current value of the classic car. It is possible that your vintage car in case of damage is worth less than the appraised value. In that case you still get the appraised value paid.

If you do not have a valid appraisal report in case of damage, you will be paid the current market value. The current market value will be determined by an expert at the time of damage. It is not possible to determine the current market value. The risk is that you do not know how high the damage payment will be and whether it is sufficient to buy a new vehicle.

Do you use your vintage car only for hobby drives?

With vintage car insurance, only hobby use of the vintage car is allowed. It is often difficult to indicate what is and is not hobby use. Below we indicate what in any case is NOT hobby use:

  • Commuting
  • Daily use, such as running errands and taking children to school.

Alarm Systems

For vintage car insurance with third-party coverage, the insurer will not require an alarm system. With a WA coverage there is also no coverage for car theft and car burglary. This is different for vintage car insurance with a WA limited casco or WA All Risk coverage, where the insurer does assume the theft/burglary risk. In these cases, insurers may impose certain safety or alarm requirements.

An alarm system must also be checked periodically. Insurers require that you present a valid SCM certificate in case of theft and burglary.

Vehicle for daily use (still) present?

Damage to your vintage car will not be reimbursed and no assistance will be provided if it turns out that you do not have another car for daily use during the event. The insurer will not reimburse you if the damage was caused by using the vintage car as a daily vehicle.

Storage clause/night clause

If your vintage car insurance includes a storage clause, the vintage car must be stored in an enclosed space between sunset and sunrise. For example, a carport with a fence in front of it or a parking garage that is accessible to several people do not meet this requirement.

A variant of this clause is that the storage requirement only applies when the vintage car is within a radius of 1 kilometre from the home.

Not every insurer sets a standard stowage clause. It varies by product, type and value of the vehicle. Therefore, always check whether a stowage clause applies.

Maximum mileage

A limited mileage applies to recreational vehicles. On the policy schedule, you can find the maximum number of miles that the vehicle may drive per year. Normally, the maximum mileage for vintage vehicles per year is 5,000 or 7,500 km. Do you drive more kilometers per year? Then contact us to increase the maximum mileage per year.

No accrual of claim-free years

With vintage car insurance, no claim-free years are accrued. There is a fixed low premium with no additional discount.

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