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driving anxiety research

Quarter of Dutch youngsters afraid to drive

Jan. 18, 2021
4 min reading time

47 percent distrust other road users

Although Dutch roads are among the safest in the world, the number of traffic casualties is unfortunately still high. Even now that - because of corona - the amount of cars on the road has been halved, the national target of no more than 500 traffic fatalities has not been met by 2020. As a (novice) driver, it can therefore be quite exciting to hit the road. To what extent does this apply to Dutch drivers? Do they find driving scary or do they get behind the wheel effortlessly? And what role do traffic accidents play in this? Alpina conducted research among 1,108 motorists on driving anxiety. Curious about the most striking results? You can find them below.

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Driving a car scary

Young people in particular have driving anxiety

As the introduction makes clear, driving is not without risk. To what extent does this make the average Dutch person afraid to get behind the wheel? The research shows that this is not that bad. Only ten percent of all Dutch people struggle with fear of driving, but among young drivers the percentage is much higher at 23 percent. The differences between men and women divided by age group can be found in the visual.

Trust others on the road

Utrecht drivers have little trust in other road users

On a busy road, your safety depends not only on yourself. Even if you drive completely flawlessly, there is a chance that someone else could get you into an accident. Perhaps because of this, as many as one in three Dutch people do not trust fellow road users. Especially Utrecht motorists have little confidence in the driving skills of other road users. Wondering to what extent this applies to your province? Check out the visual.

Youth frightened

Young driver afraid of making accident

Cars are expensive and an accident is in a small corner. A small mistake can therefore have major (financial) consequences. More than a fifth of Dutch motorists are therefore afraid of making damage. Perhaps because accidents on the highway are usually of larger proportions, one in ten respondents is afraid to go on the highway. Young drivers in particular suffer from these fears. The differences between men and women divided by different age groups can be found in the visual.

women don't like to drive other people's cars

Women least like to drive other people's cars

If you do not have a car, it is extremely convenient if you can borrow it - for example, for a move - from a friend. Of course, that person expects his or her four-wheeler to return without a scratch. As many as 36 percent of Dutch people prefer not to run the risk of making accidents and do not like driving in someone else's car. Women in particular avoid rides in a car owned by someone they know. For the differences between men and women divided by age group, check out the visual.

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Young people avoid car

Young people avoid the car the most

Not everyone has a thing for cars or driving. They much prefer to take their bikes or use public transportation. They may find this healthier or more practical, but also possibly less scary. The research shows that twelve percent of Dutch people avoid driving themselves as much as possible. Eleven percent also prefer not to get into the car with others. Respondents under the age of 30 are the least likely to take a seat in the car. To what extent this applies to men and women of other age groups, you can see in the visual.

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