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10-year-old car still has third-party insurance

Jan 18, 2017
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Due to the quality of today's cars, they easily last 15 to 20 years. As a result, 10-year-old cars still represent a reasonable value. The more expensive class cars are still worth €10,000 to €20,000. Often a car is no longer covered under third party liability insurance from the age of 6 years old, but isn´t it smarter to keep the car insurance on third party liability coverage even longer?

Which insurance best suits a car is often wrongly linked to the age of the car. The daily value of the car is more important, of course in combination with the amount of the premium. Especially if you have many claim-free years, it can also matter to keep an older car extensively insured.

What coverage does the WA casco offer?

There are three types of insurance you can choose between. Third-party coverage is the most limited form. Only damage caused to others is covered. The WA limited casco is slightly more extensive. In addition to legal liability, there is also coverage for window breakage, theft of the car and collision with stray animals, for example. The WA casco is the most comprehensive insurance. In addition to the coverage in the other two forms, compensation follows in the event of damage due to your own fault. In a collision due to your fault, your insurer pays the other party's damages and you receive your own damages.

Can a third-party cash insurance policy be off?

The premium is determined by the new-for-old value of the car. This involves the value in the year of construction. This makes it an expensive form of insurance, but the premium remains limited if you have accumulated many claim-free years. With many claim-free years, the discount can be as high as 75% and with some insurers as high as 85%.

What are the consequences if you do not have third-party cascade insurance?

Suppose it is slippery outside and you slip with your car against a parked car. If you have WA casco insurance, your insurer will take care of compensating you for the damage to the parked car and your car. Are you more limited insured? In that case, only the other party's damage is compensated. Your own damage you have to bear yourself. The damage to your car will quickly run into the thousands of euros.

Choose a cheap insurer and broad coverage

There are dozens of insurers you can insure your car with. Chances are you can insure your car cheaper compared to your current car insurance. Instead of opting for more limited coverage, it is better to opt for more extensive coverage with a cheaper insurer. Comparing pays off!

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