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What is the Guarantee Fund?

The Guarantee Fund was founded in 1965. It is an outgrowth of the Motor Insurance Liability Act. guarantee_car damage fundAccording to that law, all motor vehicles (cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, mopeds, etc.) in the Netherlands must be insured against third-party liability (WA). That is the liability for car damage caused to others. This usually allows the person who suffers damage to sue an insurance company for the loss. can recover damages from the Guarantee Fund completely free of charge for you. Click here for more information.


How does the Guarantee Fund work?

Imagine this: you park the car in a parking lot and go to run an errand. When you return, there is a big dent in the car. Someone has driven into your car, but the culprit is nowhere to be found. Or you are hit by a car, but it turns out the owner is not insured. Or the car has been stolen. All situations in which you suffer car damage, but have nowhere to recover the damages. In such cases you can appeal to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. In many cases the Guarantee Fund will then reimburse the damage.

If you file a claim with the Guarantee Fund, you must take photos of the damage. You must also be able to prove that you tried to find the perpetrator, for example with a police report, advertisement or neighborhood investigation. In addition, you must take immediate action, namely within 14 days of the damage found. If you wait too long, the Guarantee Fund will not pay compensation anyway. You do have 3 years to submit the claim to the Guarantee Fund. After that time, the claim is time-barred.

Does the Guarantee Fund pay out if there is no culprit?

Sometimes the insurance company cannot be held liable for the damage. For example, because the owner/holder of the motor vehicle does not have car insurance. Or because the driver has made off without leaving his or her name and address. In situations like this, the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund can offer a solution.

How does the Guarantee Fund get its money?

The Guarantee Fund is financed by all insurance companies taking out motor insurance in the Netherlands. Indirectly, therefore, everyone who owns a motor vehicle (and has it insured!) contributes to the Guarantee Fund.

How long does it take to pay out the Guarantee Fund?

Naturally, you want to deal with damage as quickly as possible. The Guarantee Fund wants to help you with this as much as possible. How long it takes before payment is made also depends on how quickly all information is received. Think for example of the police report or if witnesses still have to be heard. Most damages reported to the Guarantee Fund are paid out within 6 weeks.

Guarantee fund: when to apply?

The fund intervenes in five cases of damage in traffic in the Netherlands, provided that the liability of the perpetrator has been established:

  • if it is not known who caused the damage
  • if the motor vehicle causing the damage is not insured
  • if the motor vehicle causing the damage is stolen and the driver knows about the theft
  • if the insurance company is insolvent
  • if the possessor/holder has an exemption from the obligation to take out insurance due to emotional reasons

If the perpetrator is known, we recover the damages paid from this person.

Here you can get a Surety Fund claim form and a witness statement download.

Guarantee Fund contact

Handelskade 49

Phone number: +31 (0)70 3408 200

Damage e-mail address: [email protected]

E-mail address general: [email protected]

When Guarantee Fund

You can claim compensation from the Guarantee Fund if you have suffered damage caused by a motor vehicle, but cannot turn to an insurer with that damage. For example, because the perpetrator is unknown, because the perpetrator is not insured, or because the motor vehicle has been stolen. The damage does not necessarily have to be caused by a car. The Guarantee Fund compensates damages caused by all motor vehicles, such as a moped or tractor. Vandalism damage and theft of your car will not be reimbursed.

Car insurance fund

You can claim the Guarantee Fund not only if you have damage to the car, but also to other types of property. The damage must have been caused by a motor vehicle. Was the damage caused by an unknown perpetrator? Keep in mind that there is an excess of €250,-. If the damage was caused by an uninsured person or a stolen vehicle, there is no deductible. You will then receive full compensation from the Guarantee Fund.

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