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(Insuring sick leave of your staff: the advantages

As a business owner, you have probably heard of absenteeism insurance. Absenteeism insurance covers the costs that come with (long-term) sick employees. Although taking out absenteeism insurance is not mandatory, it is usually recommended. This insurance takes away many financial risks, so you no longer have to worry about this and can do business with peace of mind. Are you still unsure about taking out absenteeism insurance? In this article on Alpina.nl we have listed the benefits of absence insurance for you!

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Absenteeism insurance benefits sick woman

Costs of continued payment of wages in case of absence covered

As an employer, you are obliged to continue paying your employee's salary for two years in the event of illness. This is also called the wage payment obligation. Legally, an employee receives at least 70% of his/her gross salary. If your company has signed a CAO, this may differ. Many CLA's stipulate that the sick employee receives 100% of the gross salary in thefirst year and 70% in thesecond year.

In addition to the salary payment obligation, you will have to deal with a number of other costs, such as costs for absence counselling, replacement staff, costs because you may lose sales and costs when the employee is reintegrated. Did you know that a sick employee costs you on average €250 per day? With most insurers, you can also cover these costs with an absenteeism insurance.

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Fully customisable to your situation

You can adjust an absence insurance according to your own wishes, so that it fits your company perfectly. Depending on your situation, you choose the coverage you want. This depends on the financial risk you are able and willing to bear. Each insurer differs in which costs are included in the standard coverage. You can also make your own choices in matters such as the inclusion of employer's contributions, the amount of the insured annual salary, the excess period and the payment term.

Guidance in case of long-term absence

If your employee reports sick, it is important that you, as an employer, have insight into the reason for absence. Sometimes the same employee reports sick several times a year (frequent short-term absenteeism). Although in principle you do not need to do much in the case of repeated short-term absence, it is a good idea to view this repetition as a signal. Frequent short-term absence often precedes long-term absence. By understanding the reason, you can anticipate this and look for a solution to help the employee. Many insurers offer absenteeism counselling as part of an absenteeism insurance policy. They help you in the absenteeism process and the reintegration of your sick employee(s). This takes some of the burden off your shoulders.

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Taking out absenteeism insurance? At Alpina.nl you can easily request a no-obligation quote for absence insurance. To request the quote, fill in some information about your company and staff. Based on this information, we can give you an accurate quote. In the quote you will find an overview of the different insurance policies. This way you can easily compare the premium for absence insurance yourself. Do you have any questions about taking out absenteeism insurance or requesting a quote? Then please contact us!

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