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What does a home charging station cost?

A home charging station is the most economical way to charge your electric car. However, you also have to deal with the cost of purchasing and installing the charging station. Installing your own charging station is quite an investment, but one that you will definitely earn back. In fact, charging at home is a lot cheaper than charging at a public charger or quick charger, because you only have to pay the electricity rate per kWh specified in your energy contract. Moreover, you don't have to pay any fees for the use and maintenance of the pole, as is the case with a public charging station. On Alpina\.nl, we have listed all the costs for a home charging station for you.

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Costs of home charging station

Home charging station costs

The cost of a home charging station depends on several factors:

  • The purchase price of the charging station
  • The type of connection
  • The distance between the meter box and the charging station
  • Additional work, such as connecting the charge point to a network

All costs are discussed in more detail below.

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What is the purchase price?

The purchase cost of a charge post can vary widely. It depends on the functions, the brand and the design of the charge point. There are various options, such as a charging station with two connection points, maximum charging capacity, a wall or post model and a smart charger. A smart charger may be more expensive, but it also takes into account your energy supplier's off-peak tariff, allowing you to save on your energy bill. What's more, a smart charge post can often be combined with solar panels, making you even more energy efficient. Prices for a charge post vary widely, but are usually between €500 and €1200.

What type of connection do I need?

How fast you can charge your car depends (among other things) on how your home is connected to the electricity grid. This can be done with a 1-phase connection or a 3-phase connection. With a 3-phase connection, you can, in theory, charge your car three times faster, provided that the car supports it. If you do not have a 3-phase connection, but would like one, you can have your connection upgraded. The costs for upgrading a connection are usually between €200 and €300.

What is the distance between the meter box and the charging station?

Of course, cables must be drawn from your meter box to the charging station. The longer the distance, the longer the cables need to be. The longer the cable, the higher the cost. In addition, you have to dig in order to pull the cables underground. The costs of digging will also increase with a longer distance. The type of ground through which the cable must be pulled can also make a difference to the cost of a home charging station. Earth is of course easier than a concrete or stone surface. In addition, adjustments may need to be made to the meter box.

Other activities

When you have a smart charge post installed, it must be connected to the network. A smart charge post connects to the network via Wi-Fi or 3G. This enables the charging station to send all charging data. This is often included in the installation costs.

The total cost of a home charge post depends on a number of factors, but can be as much as €2,000 - €2,500. It's a big investment, but one that will definitely pay off because you'll be making big savings when you charge your car.

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