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What is absence insurance?

Does your employee become ill? Then as an employer, you are obliged to continue paying wages for two years. We call this the obligation to continue payment of wages. The costs for a sick employee can mount up considerably. In addition to continued payment of wages, you may also incur costs for replacement staff, possible lost turnover, costs for absenteeism guidance and reintegration costs. Especially when your organisation is not that big, it is not always easy to pay these costs. That is why you can take out absenteeism insurance. With absenteeism insurance, you are insured for the costs when your employees fall ill.

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What is absence insurance dormant person

What is covered by absenteeism?

There are different types of absence. The most common is sick leave. Absenteeism and sick leave are often considered the same, but absenteeism is not always related to illness. Absenteeism means that the employee fails to work for any reason. There is absenteeism when an employee cannot fulfil his employment contract because of demonstrable medical reasons. These can be physical complaints, such as the flu, but also psychological clients and private circumstances.

There are different types of sick leave, namely:

  • Short-term sick leave
  • Frequent short-term sickness absence
  • Long-term sick leave
  • Unauthorised absence

If your employee reports sick, it is important that you, as an employer, have insight into the reason for absence. Sometimes the same employee reports sick several times a year (frequent short-term absenteeism). Although in principle you do not need to do much in the case of repeated short-term absence, it is a good idea to view this repetition as a signal. Frequent short-term absence often precedes long-term absence. By understanding the reason, you can anticipate this and look for a solution to help the employee.

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What does absence insurance cover?

The coverage of an absence insurance includes in any case the costs of continued payment of wages for a sick employee for the first two years. However, with a sick employee there are even more costs involved, because your employee will probably return to work after the absence. That is why some insurers include the following costs in their policies:

  • The employer's costs
  • The absence management
  • The reintegration

The coverage can differ from one insurer to another, so always check your insurer's policy conditions.

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Request an offer for absence insurance directly!

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