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The corona crisis and insurance for self-employed people

The corona crisis is gripping the entire country and a solution is not yet in sight. Good health is only more important at this time. Meanwhile, the economy is also being hit hard. The group suffering first are the self-employed. Large companies often still have a buffer. After an awkward statement by Minister Wiebes about self-employed workers, the cabinet later announced emergency measures to ensure that even the group of self-employed workers can keep their heads above water. Through Alpina, there are also a number of insurances for z zp'ers that, even during the corona crisis, can be a good outcome or support for zzp'ers. What insurances are there for self-employed people, and which ones can be a godsend in the time of a pandemic? You can find out in this article on the corona crisis and insurance for self-employed people.

The main insurance coronas for self-employed people

You may be a self-employed person or you may just be starting out. There are many different fields of work and insurance is available for all of them.

The main insurance coronas for self-employed people

You may be a self-employed person or you may just be starting out. There are many different fields of work and insurance is available for all of them.

At the time of the corona crisis, there is one insurance that stands out - disability insurance (AOV). There is now a big chance that you are infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Disability then lies in wait. Unlike employees, self-employed persons are not entitled to a government benefit in case of incapacity for work. People often think that they can continue working in case of illness, or that the AOV is expensive. However, both do not have to be true. In case of a corona infection, or complaints thereof, the government requires you to stay at home. Continuing to work is often not possible. You can take out an AOV for a good price. The price of an AOV depends on your income. On average an AOV costs €3.000 per year. That is a lot of money, but if you work 40 hours per week with 4 weeks holiday per year, it comes down to €1,56 per hour worked. This amount is a gross amount, which means that you can deduct the costs from your income tax.

coronavirus and insurance zzp

The advantage of an AOV is that if you become disabled, you are entitled to a benefit from the insurance. At the time of the coronacrisis this can be a necessary outcome. Besides, this insurance is also important after the crisis. You can become ill, break something or become disabled in another way. With an AOV you are then assured of a payment in case of disability.

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Other insurances for self-employed people

In addition to the AOV insurance, there are other insurances from which you can benefit as a self-employed person:

All these insurances have their own advantages. The Construction All-Risk insurance has been specially created for the construction industry. Are you a contractor or installer? Then this insurance can offer a solution.

With the business liability insurance you are insured for liability. For example, if you knock over a customer's laptop.

Professional indemnity insurance is useful if you are a lawyer, consultant or accountant. This insurance covers capital losses of entrepreneurs.

Inventory insurance distinguishes between your business and personal inventory. With this, you insure the inventory that is on your business.

Inventory insurance covers the risks of large stocks that you have. For example, if there is a fire in your business premises.

With legal expenses insurance, you are assured of legal assistance in conflicts you may encounter with clients.

Finally, the company car insurance. If you purchase a car or a company bus in the name of the company, you can insure it with this insurance.

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With one insurer, you can buy the insurances in a package, so that you are insured for all kinds of things. While another insurer offers the insurances separately. It is good to find out in advance which insurances you want, so that you can compare them properly. In addition, it is advisable to check carefully what the policy conditions of the insurer are. That way, you will not be in for any nasty surprises later on.

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