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What does the 'income' module entail?

You can expand the basic legal expenses insurance with different modules.
This way you can choose the coverage and tailor the insurance to your own needs. One of the modules is work/income.
If you are unexpectedly fired and find yourself without a job, it is important that you still have an income. Your dismissal can have several reasons, such as inadequate performance according to your employer, you are long-term sick or you are dismissed due to a reorganization. Whatever the reason, you do not want to be left without an income after your dismissal. With the module legal aid 'income' you are assured of legal assistance, should this be necessary.

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Legal aid for labour disputes

It may happen that, as an employee, you have a conflict about your income. This may be a variety of conflicts, for example, about a salary you have yet to receive. You may also get a conflict about a bonus that you do not receive, but to which you are entitled. The conflict may also relate to (the accrual of) your pension.

If you are faced with an employment conflict regarding your income, you will want to resolve it as best as possible. It is not always possible to come to a solution with your employer. However, there are a number of things you can do yourself, if possible, before calling in your legal assistance insurance.

  • Talk to your employer to find a solution
  • Keep correspondence (e-mails and/or letters) from/with your employer
  • Indicate clearly if you do not understand something and ask for additional explanation or clarification
  • Get your employer to write down a proposal. Make sure that you do not immediately agree to the proposal and that you are given time to think about it.

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Is legal expenses insurance mandatory?

A legal assistance insurance is not obligatory, but proves to be very useful in practice. Do you work abroad? Then it may be the case that insurers only offer coverage in the Netherlands and not throughout Europe for certain disputes. Pay close attention to this.

With the income module you are insured for legal assistance in the event of an employment conflict. Do you have an employment conflict with your employer? The legal assistance insurance offers help with both mediation and litigation.

Please note: you are not insured if the conflict already arose before you took out your legal assistance insurance.

Income legal expenses insurance

There are various legal assistance insurances with coverage for conflicts that are related to your work and income. Before you take out an insurance policy, it is important that you compare the legal assistance insurances and see which modules and coverages are available. You can easily calculate your premium at the bottom of this page and take out insurance directly if you wish.

In addition to the 'work/income' module, the basic legal expenses insurance can also be expanded with other modules, namely:

You can find more information about the coverage of these modules on the page 'coverage legal expenses insurance'.

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