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All your business insurance in one package: these are the benefits

Oct 19, 2023
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As a business owner, you are always at risk, both big and small. Consequently, there are an awful lot of business insurance policies on the market to cover all these risks. Of course, you don't always have to take out every possible insurance policy for your organization. You choose which risks you want to cover and which you can bear (financially) yourself. For example, a broken window costs a lot less than fire damage to your business premises or injury to a customer.

Although you take out different insurance for each risk, it is often more economical to bundle all your business insurance in one package. In this article, we explain the benefits of choosing an insurance package.

Business insurance examples

There are an awful lot of business insurance policies on the market. Therefore, we have divided the risks and related insurances into three categories. Below are three examples with common insurances.



Entrepreneur & employee

What are the benefits of an insurance package?

An insurance package has several benefits. We list the most important benefits for you below:

If you take out all separate insurance policies, you are likely to have overlapping coverages. With an insurance package, the coverages of the different insurance policies match. So the chance of overlap is a lot less.

Most insurers offer a package discount. Because you take out multiple insurance policies at once, you get a nice discount. That in turn saves on monthly expenses.

Having all your insurance centrally organized provides convenience. Do you need to report a claim or do you need information about your company? Then you can arrange everything centrally with the insurer where you took out the insurance package. Nice and easy.

Sometimes an insurance package provides extras. Consider more comprehensive coverage or staff training, for example.

Different types of insurance packages

Insurance packages come in all shapes and sizes. For example, there are specific packages for a particular industry. These packages focus specifically on the risks that occur in that industry. A manufacturing company naturally faces different risks than a hospitality company. There are also insurance packages that focus on the type of risk, such as personnel risks.

An insurance package for your business begins with identifying the potential risks. We can then determine the extent to which limiting these risks is necessary. Then we get to work choosing and arranging the right insurance. Need help? Our insurance specialists are at your service. Please contact us.

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