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Can you get auto insurance with a CIS registration?

Do you have a CIS registration? If so, you may have already noticed that buying car insurance is more difficult than usual. A CIS registration means that you are registered in the database of Stichting CIS. Stichting CIS stores important insurance data in their national database. Think of cases of insurance fraud, non-payment or very many claims. This database is accessible to all insurers and affiliated agents. This means that an insurer will first consult the CIS database before accepting you as a policyholder. If you are registered, buying car insurance will be difficult. So is it even possible to get car insurance with a CIS registration? In this article, we will explain it to you.

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Car insurance with CIS registration

Insuring a car with a CIS registration is difficult, but why really? That's because insurers always do risk analysis. Before they accept you as a policyholder, they want to know how likely you are to make one or more claims in the future. If you are registered in the CIS database, insurers will see you as an increased risk. This is because they assume that someone with a CIS registration is less compliant with insurance regulations or will not meet payment obligations. Not all insurers are keen on that. Moreover, with the exception of health insurers, they have no duty of acceptance. If an insurance company feels that you pose too great a risk because of your CIS registration, the company may therefore reject your insurance application. You will then automatically end up with an insurance company that specializes in insuring risks, but at a significantly higher premium.

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Car insurance with CIS registration: de Vereende

We always recommend that you first submit your application for auto insurance to a regular insurance company. Always fill in all acceptance questions truthfully. If you lie on your insurance application it will be seen as insurance fraud and you will be even further from home. However, there is always a chance that a regular company will accept your application. Are you denied car insurance because of a CIS registration? Then you can always turn to insurance company de Vereende. This company was founded by insurers to insure special risks. However, there are some conditions for taking out car insurance with de Vereende:

  • You pay the premium at least 3 months in advance, even with monthly payments.
  • The insurance only takes effect after receipt of the first premium AND a signed application form.
  • In most cases, De Vereende additionally charges a deposit averaging €175.00. This must be paid in advance. When there has been no damage at the end of the insurance, you will be refunded this amount.

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With us you can always calculate the premium for car insurance, both with a regular company and with the Vereende. In any case, take into account a higher premium. With insurers the following always applies: the higher the risk, the higher the premium.

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