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How can I register a car after death?

When someone dies, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Therefore, the car may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet it is important to look at this, because after death all vehicle obligations continue. These only expire when the car is transferred to a new owner's name. But how exactly does transferring a car after death work? We are happy to help.

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Registering a car after death: what do I need?

To transfer a car, you must bring the following documents:

  • The registration card and the registration code OR the original registration certificate (part 1B) and the transfer certificate
  • A valid identification document

So you don't need to bring documents to prove that the owner is deceased.

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How does the transfer work?

Transferring a car after death actually works the same as it would otherwise. You can follow the following steps:

  1. Go to a vehicle registration office, RDW testing station or RDW desk
  2. Bring all necessary documents and valid identification
  3. Pay the cost of €10.75
  4. The employee will transfer the vehicle to your name. You will then receive a registration report with the first 4 digits of the registration code and a release certificate
  5. Once the license plate is transferred, you must fulfill all vehicle obligations, such as taking out car insurance, paying motor vehicle taxes and making sure the car is MOT approved
  6. The next business day the RDW sends you the new registration certificate and the2nd part of the registration code

How soon do I have to register the car after death?

If the owner of the car has died, the license plate must be transferred to a new owner's name within 5 weeks. Should you inherit the car, but are not going to use it yourself (yet), you can also choose to suspend the license plate. After the car has been suspended, you do not have to meet the vehicle obligations. Of course, you may not drive the car during the suspension, nor may it be parked on public roads. The moment you want to start using the car, you can lift the suspension again.

Car insurance after death

The car insurance is not automatically terminated after death. As long as the number plate is still in the name of the deceased owner, it has to remain insured. Only when the car is transferred, the car insurance can be cancelled. The new owner then has to take out a car insurance himself. When the car is transferred to the name of the partner, the car insurance can also be transferred. Often the claim-free years can be taken over. A new owner may influence the amount of the premium.

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