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What is an MOT test report?

After the MOT, you will receive an inspection report. This report states, among other things, whether your car has been approved or rejected, including an overview of the repair or rejection points. The report may also contain advice points. If you have never seen an APK test report before, you may be wondering what exactly an APK test report is and what it contains. Read all about the APK test report here.


APK test report

MOT inspection report lost what should I do?

Have you lost your MOT test report? Then you can ask your garage or the RDW for a copy of the inspection report. If you find out that you have lost your inspection report two months or less before the MOT expiry date, you do not have to request a new inspection report. You can then have the vehicle retested immediately. You will then keep the original expiry date, increased by 1 or 2 years. If you have your vehicle inspected earlier than those 2 months, the new expiry date is the date of approval plus 1 or 2 years.

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What does the report say?

The APK test report contains the result of your APK test. The APK test report is drawn up by an APK inspector. The APK inspector draws up an overview of three categories: repair points, advisory points and rejection points. On the basis of this, it is determined whether your car is approved or rejected. You will also find the expiry date of the APK in the inspection report. The car must be inspected again before the expiry date. After the expiry date you may no longer drive the car, only on the way to an inspection station. You must also be able to show that you have an appointment for the car to be retested.

What are MOT inspection points?

When performing an MOT inspection, an inspector looks at various MOT inspection points. These are the repair, advisory and rejection points. An important inspection point is the tyres, for example. They are examined for damage and profile thickness. They also look at lighting, belts and bodywork, among other things.

Reparation points needed?

Repair points are things that have to be repaired before approval can be given. If you have these items repaired, your car will be approved for the MOT. If you decide not to have the repairs done, the MOT inspector will reject the car.

Rejection points what are they?

Rejection points are points on which the car has been rejected. When a car is APK rejected, it is no longer suitable for use on the public roads. It must then be repaired. Is repair no longer an option for you? Then you can sell the car, trade it in or take it to the scrapyard. It is always possible that there is someone else for whom repair is worthwhile.

Advisory points MOT

Advice points are points that do not directly lead to APK rejection, but which you will have to replace or repair soon. For example, advisory points about the tyres, the brakes or the belts and airbags. At some point these items wear out and will have to be replaced in the future. An APK inspector can assess this properly and give you clear advice on this.

Keep inspection report in the car?

In the Netherlands it is not compulsory to keep the MOT test report in the car. In some other countries, however, it is mandatory. That is why it is important that you still keep the report. So always check whether you need to carry your inspection certificate with you when you take your car abroad on holiday. You can also keep it in your glove compartment. That way you can be sure that you always have it with you.

Is the MOT inspection report online?

If you have your car MOT inspected, you will always receive the MOT report on paper. You cannot view the report online. However, you can find out the expiry date of your MOT online by doing a licence plate check. You can do this on the RDW website. You enter the registration number of your car. You then get an insight into the historical data of the car. Because the licence plate check is public, it only shows non-privacy-sensitive data about the vehicle. In addition to the MOT expiry date, you can also see, for example, how many kilos the vehicle can tow, how many seats there are and when the vehicle was first registered in the Netherlands.

Can you request the MOT inspection report?

If you have lost your MOT report, you can request a copy of it. You can do this at an RDW testing station, the RDW customer service desk or at the garage where the vehicle was inspected. You do have to make sure that you have the original paper Vehicle Registration Document or the registration card (the registration document in credit card format) with you. You will then immediately receive a copy of the APK test report. A replacement test report costs €16.

MOT inspection report PDF?

If you have lost your MOT report, you can request a copy. In most cases the MOT inspector can send you a copy by PDF. If you like to keep the test certificate in your car, you can print it out.

Want to know what an APK test report looks like? On the RDW website you can view a PDF copy of the APK test report. Each APK test report must look like this.

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