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What are the costs of an MOT inspection?

Are you wondering what the costs of an MOT check are? There is no simple answer to this question, because there is no fixed price for an MOT check. The price differs per garage. Moreover, it also makes a difference whether you have a petrol or a diesel car. An MOT inspection can also be part of a service or be carried out separately. This all affects the cost of an MOT check. We will explain it to you.


Average costs MOT check

The average costs for an MOT are different for everyone. The prices for a separate MOT inspection vary from €19 to about €75. For an MOT test for a diesel car you will have to pay more than for a petrol car. Some garages also charge extra for the soot measurement, the four-gas test or the registration of the car. This is only the price you pay for the inspection itself. If defects are found during the MOT inspection that need to be repaired, this will also involve costs. In addition to the APK costs, you will also have to deal with repair costs.

APK inspection costs

Costs for an MOT differ per garage

Every garage charges a different price for an MOT check. Garages are free to determine the price they charge for a test. This means that garages compete with each other on price. There are garages that will stump up the price, so that you can have an MOT check done very cheaply. The APK inspection may only be carried out by garages that have been given a licence to do so by the RDW. During this inspection everything that has to do with the safety of the vehicle is checked. The brakes, the lighting, the tyres and, for example, the windscreen wipers are checked.

If the garage has a licence, you must be able to trust that it is done properly. However, garages sometimes promote low prices for APK inspections in order to entice people into paying for expensive maintenance or repair work. It is therefore wise to always agree that repairs may not be carried out without consultation.

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MOT check with service to save costs

You can also combine the MOT check with a service. This will not only save you time, but money as well. Often APK inspections are offered free of charge if you also have a major service carried out at the garage. Moreover, you will then only have to lose your car once and it will be examined more extensively.

Don't forget to have your car MOT tested on time. Read here about the consequences of an expired MOT.

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