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What is the Roy Data system?

The Roy Data system has existed since Sept. 1, 2007. Previously, the cancellation statement was used to prove claim-free years. Today, however, a digital system is used in which your claim-free years are recorded. When you then take out a new car insurance policy, your new insurer consults Roy Data to see how many claim-free years you have. This allows them to award the appropriate premium discount.

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roy data system

How does the Roy Data system work?

During the term of the policy your accumulated claim-free years are fixed in the car insurance. When your car insurance policy is terminated, the insurer will enter your claim-free years into the Roy Data system. When you take out a new insurance policy, your new insurer can claim the claim-free years and add them to your policy. Moreover, when you change insurers you do not have to send a paper statement to your new insurer. This was the case until 1 September 2007. However, paper statements are easily lost, so that it was not always possible to determine how many claim-free years someone had built up.

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Roy Data system not always up to date

Do bear in mind that the data in the Roy Data system is not always up to date. Claim-free years are only registered when an insurance policy is terminated. The data is therefore updated as soon as the insurance policy is terminated. If you still have a car insurance, these claim-free years are not yet registered in Roy Data. It is therefore possible that you have built up more claim-free years in the meantime. Did you already claim damage with your new car insurance? Then you will have to hand in claim-free years and you will fall back on the bonus malus ladder.

How long will my data be in the Roy Data system?

Claim-free years are not valid indefinitely. After cancelling your car insurance, your claim-free years are valid for 3 years with most insurers. This differs per insurer. With some insurers this is only 2 years, with others 4 or even 5 years. Always check how many claim-free years are valid with your insurer when you take out your car insurance. This way you know how long your claim-free years will remain in the Roy Data system.

What should I do if my data in the system is incorrect?

You can access your data in the Roy Data system on the website of Stichting EPS. There you will find the right of inspection form. Fill this in and send it in digitally, together with a copy of your proof of identity. After sending the form, it may take a while before you receive your claim-free years. In most cases this takes a maximum of 28 days.

Sometimes it happens that the data is incorrect. This can occur, for example, if the insurer has recorded the wrong number of claim-free years. If you suspect an error, please contact the insurer concerned. There is no point in contacting Stichting EPS for this. This is because Stichting EPS cannot and may not adjust claim-free years.

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