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Car insurance after non-payment

Anyone who has paid an insurance premium late in the past is quickly labelled a defaulter. This makes it difficult to take out insurance with a regular insurance company afterwards.

It can happen to anyone, says Marc Diks, director of marketing communications and online. You move and that one bill from the insurance company gets lost, making you late in paying. Of course, it can happen that you forget to pay the premium for your car insurance one time. If you forget to do this more than once, there may be consequences. The result: there is no coverage and you are labeled a defaulter.

Car insurance after non-payment? Apply now!

car insurance non-payment

What if your car insurance is refused?

Non-payment of motor insurance policies may result in your expulsion. Expulsion literally means termination or discontinuation. An insurance company has the right to cancel an insurance under certain conditions. Cancellation can be done by the insurer in the following situations:

  • If you have committed fraud
  • Non-payment; when you do not pay the premium for your car insurance on time, the insurer will send you a reminder. If you are 30 days late paying the premium, the insurer may suspend coverage. If you are 50 days or more late, the insurer may decide to cancel your car insurance. If this happens, you are no longer insured.
  • In the event of too many claims

Has your car insurance been cancelled by the insurer for any of the above reasons? Then you risk a CIS registration and you have the chance that your car insurance will be refused by another company.

Car insurance after non-payment? Apply now!

Is there an insurance blacklist?

We often hear from customers that they feel they are on an insurance 'blacklist' because of too many claims or non-payment of insurance premiums. Such an insurance 'blacklist' does not exist.

However, you can be registered with the CIS foundation if you have submitted a claim to your insurer. The question of guilt is not important here. You can also be registered if you have committed fraud when claiming a loss.

How does CIS registration work?

The Central Information System (CIS) is a system in which data about consumers is registered. Insurance companies can consult CIS to obtain, store and exchange information about their customers. What the insurer then does with the information differs per case and per company. It is usually the case that if you have a CIS registration, you will not be accepted by a regular company. If, for example, you want to take out a car insurance and you are not accepted by a regular company, then Vereende offers you a solution.

You have the right to inspect your data registered with CIS. You can submit a request for inspection by completing the inspection form on the CIS website. After you have sent the web form, you will receive an email that you should sign and send a copy of your valid identification document to [email protected].

If you do not wish to use the web form, you may download and print the request for inspection.
You can then send the form fully completed and signed, with a copy of your valid ID, to:

CIS Foundation
Attn: Inspection Team.
P.O. Box 91627

Car insurance without check

Whenever you apply for car insurance, the company will check your details with, among others, the CIS. Therefore, there is no such thing as a car insurance without a prior check. It is therefore important that you always fill in the application truthfully.

Car insurance after non-payment? Apply now!

Has your insurance always been accepted with the Vereende?

At Alpina, we look with the client for a possible solution. Initially, we will always try to place the insurance with a regular insurer with whom we work. Is there no possibility? Then we can offer you an alternative at De Vereende (Formerly Rialto). This company will almost always accept insurance but the premiums here are many times higher than with regular insurance companies.

De Vereende is a company that does want to insure special risks, where regular companies drop out. De Vereende will always accept the car insurance, but the premium is higher than with the regular companies. Also, you often have an excess with a third-party insurance. This excess must be paid in advance, together with the premium.

There are some conditions for taking out insurance with De Vereende.

  • You pay the premium at least 3 months in advance, also with monthly payment
  • The insurance only comes into effect after receipt of the first premium and a signed application form
  • In most cases, the Vereende additionally charges a deposit of €268. This must be paid in advance. When there has been no damage at the end of the insurance, this amount will be refunded to you.

It is not possible to indicate in advance how much the premium will be, because the Vereende offers customization. We advise to calculate the premium for car insurance via . We will first see if there are possibilities with a regular company. When this is not the case, we will ask the Vereende for a tailor-made offer. You will receive this quotation by e-mail.

Can I still get car insurance after a default?

It is possible to take out car insurance after non-payment. Usually this is done by the Vereende. We advise you to use our comparison module which shows you an indicative premium. We can then request a final quotation from the company.
Please note that insurance with De Vereende can only take effect after you have paid the first premium AND after you have signed and returned the application form that you received from us by e-mail. It may therefore take a few days before you have coverage.
Do you need help comparing or do you have (additional) questions? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you! We are available from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 on telephone number 088-6883710.

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