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What is the cheapest legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance is not the cheapest insurance. If you want to be insured extensively, the monthly premium can mount up considerably. Fortunately, you can compose the insurance according to your own wishes. The cheapest legal expenses insurance for you depends on your personal situation and the number of modules you take out. Of course, the more modules you take out, the more expensive the insurance becomes. Here we explain how you can find the cheapest legal expenses insurance in 5 steps!

cheapest legal expenses insurance

Find the cheapest legal expenses insurance in 5 steps

If you get involved in a legal conflict, the costs can be high. Especially if personal injury is involved. In order to avoid huge bills you can take out a legal assistance insurance. With a legal assistance insurance you can choose from 4 different modules, namely: Consumer and Housing, Fiscal and Capital, Work and Income and Traffic. To help you find the cheapest legal expenses insurance, we have made a step-by-step plan for you.

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Step 1: Compare legal expenses insurances

The best way to find the cheapest legal expenses insurance is to compare. At Alpina.nl you can use a handy online comparison tool. It allows you to compare different legal expenses insurances on price and content. First you fill in some personal information, such as your zip code, age and family composition. Then you select the modules you would like to take out. In addition, you choose the amount of the deductible and the maximum reimbursement of external costs. Finished filling out the form? Then the comparison can begin! You will get a handy overview of all insurers that meet your requirements. You will also see an indication of the monthly premium for each insurer. You can easily add or remove modules to make a good comparison of the costs.

Step 2: Check for overlap with other current insurance policies

You probably already have a number of insurance policies. Think for example of a car insurance, a home insurance or perhaps a building insurance. Sometimes, these insurances can overlap. For example, do you already have legal aid insured with your car insurance? Then you do not need to take out the traffic module again, because then you are double insured. This way you save on the costs of your legal expenses insurance.

Step 3: Decide which modules to take out

You can ask yourself beforehand: when is legal aid really indispensable for me? The most important thing is to choose modules that suit your personal situation. You never know in advance what kind of conflict you will end up in. Therefore, it is important that you ask yourself in which situations you want to be properly insured. You can choose 1 module, but you can also insure yourself extensively. Of course, the more modules you take out, the more expensive the insurance becomes. The cheapest legal expenses insurance therefore also depends on the number of modules you choose.

Read more about the costs of legal expenses insurance here.

Step 4: Check the insurance cover and policy conditions

Naturally, you would like to take out the cheapest legal expenses insurance. However, we advise you not to only look at the price, but also at the coverage and the policy conditions. You can choose the cheapest coverage, but if your legal expenses insurance does not help you during a conflict, you will still pay dearly. Therefore, always check the coverage and policy conditions of the insurance you want to take out. That way you can be sure that you are properly insured.

Step 5: Take out your cheap legal expenses insurance!

Have you found a legal expenses insurance that is cheap and meets your personal wishes? Then you can take out the insurance directly online. If you are still in doubt, you can also request a quote before making your final decision.

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Do you still have questions about taking out legal expenses insurance? If so, please be sure to contact us. Our insurance specialists are ready to answer all your questions. With 50 years of experience, we at Alpina know what we're talking about. In addition to knowledge, you can count on competitive premiums with us. So you never pay too much for your legal expenses insurance.

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